The energy in the room is frenetic and everyone is talking at the same time, excited by the possibilities of an exciting adventure with good friends. Exploring the world with a group of friends enhances your travel experiences and strengthens the bond of friendship.

From planning tools to hiring escorts, group travel is easy to coordinate. If you set expectations from the start, everyone can have a good time and have fun. Over the years, when you think about how much fun it was, you can’t wait to plan the next one.

1. Decide in committee (with a coordinator)

Once the group has decided on a trip, make sure everyone is on board with the itinerary. Host a planning dinner to decide on your destination, travel dates, and activities. Decide who will plan which part of the trip and be very clear about budget expectations and level of comfort.

One or two people should be in charge of the group’s travel plan, researching what’s available, and disseminating the information to everyone.

Break down some of the smaller tasks, like where to eat or what activities to plan. It gives a voice to all who want to participate in the planning process.

Questions to discuss/decisions to be made:

  • Appointment
  • Budget
  • Hotel vs Homestay
  • Activities
  • To eat
  • Information Sharing

2. Activities

friends of brooklyn bridge park

When you are all together during the trip, it is also nice to organize activities together. For example, think of a drinking game or watch a World Cup game at a local bar with them all and go. bet on sports. Maybe your friends have good ones betting tips have for you ;).

2. Reservations and Money

Agree on a budget or at least a budget range. You don’t want to get to the end of the reservation time and find you only have nine because it was too expensive for someone and you need 10 to get the group rate.

Group rates can save you up to 10% or more. If you’re in a group of eight or more, check with the hotel or activity to see if they offer a discounted rate or a private tour.

The decision between hotel and host family depends on how much friendliness you really want? If cooking group meals, living with night owls and early risers, or sharing bathrooms is out of the question, choose your accommodation wisely.

In many hotels, you can book a block of rooms that guests can book individually. They then hold the rooms for a short time so each guest can pay for their own reservation. If you need to book something as a group, such as an Airbnb, let participants transfer money in advance if possible. It’s super easy to transfer money with PayPal or a Tikkie.

Booking dinners in advance is a good way to avoid having to work on splitting the bill. This is especially a good idea if you have a member who only thinks of “I’m going to have starters, three wines, the tenderloin and dessert”, and you order a prosecco and a salad. It may be fine for one night, but not every night. With group dining trips, everyone pays up front, financial balance is maintained, and there are no separate checks to drive servers crazy.

Each guest must book their own flight. Set an arrival and departure date, so that everyone can decide for themselves when they want/should go to their destination.

3. Plan ahead

sticky note plan

Every year, I plan a weekend with friends. We rented houses on the beach, walked in the dunes of Noordwijk and relaxed in an all-inclusive spa. Verschillende vrienden gaan met ons mee voor verschillende soorten uitjes – laten we eerlijk zijn, niet iedereen wil in het bos wandelen, noch kan iedereen zich 3 dagen in een chique kuuroord veroorloven, maar bijna iedereen houdt van een tenen-in-het-zand weekend road.

Four to 12 months is a good planning window. Four months for a road trip, a weekend getaway and 12 months may be needed for an extended week-long trip. Finances can be a deciding factor for going on a group outing.

4. You are not the guide

If you are the one organizing the trip, and I assume if you are reading this, that person is you; remember that you are only arranging the trip. In other words, you are not responsible for everyone’s happiness and enjoyment.

Don’t feel like you have to be responsible for everyone. As they must all have access to the route, you are not responsible for their arriving at the bus on time. It’s also your vacation.

5. Make time for yourself

We all imagine our holidays differently. We love our friends, but a little time apart eases the tensions of unity. Being on a group vacation doesn’t mean you’re stuck with each other 24/7.

Daily alone time allows individuals or small groups to get out and explore what is important to them. Sitting by the pool, strolling through a national park, biking around town, or visiting a museum are all wonderful and personal adventures. Going on an adventure brings interesting conversations and stories as everyone comes back together.

6. Disseminate information


It’s easier than ever to keep attendees aligned. There are so many great tools for planning, organizing and communicating a group trip.

A google doc is a simple and free way to keep track of all important information. Any participant can access to view and edit. It’s a good place to follow a group itinerary that includes flights, hotels, and planned activities. Adding locations and website links to hotels and activities gives everyone the power to take control of their part of the trip and keep the group informed.

7. Hire a travel agency

Sometimes hiring a travel agent is the best way to plan a group trip. They already have an overview of tourist destinations and often have access to additional benefits reserved for agents. Some agents specialize in group travel and are adept at meeting the needs and requests of multiple guests.

Working with a travel agent is essential when planning a cruise or tour package. Often they have invaluable personal experience with a seller and a destination. Their advice relieves the group coordinator.

Combining group vacations planned by a travel agency with smaller, individually planned trips is a good way to accommodate different budgets and travel availability. For example, if you are gathering with a group of 10 for a European river cruise, this may be the only financial or vacation commitment that part of the group can reasonably meet. But others may want 2 or 3 days at both ends of the trip as an added adventure. If you have a tour company for the large group, you can plan smaller trips before and after the small group tour.

8. Type of group travel


A good place to start planning a group trip is with a prepackaged adventure. Many destinations are perfectly set up for group travel.

Group travel ideas range from locations and bucket list options. Start with a short weekend with friends. If you want to try a group trip, book a spa, golf course, camping trip, wine route, etc. Once you feel confident in your organizational skills, go on a week-long excursion with your best friends. Explore a new country, take a river cruise, take a coastal road trip, or simply hang out at an all-inclusive resort; Sharing your vacation with friends is a heartwarming experience.

9. The key to the ideal trip with friends


The ideal trip with friends is about what all travelers have in common, that you all have a common theme and goal. You may not be everyone’s best friend at first, but getting a group together who share a desire for an experience is a wonderful way to become closer friends.