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October 6, 2022


Women who choose not to become mothers are often warned that they will regret the decision later in life. We rarely talk about the opposite: that there are women who regret being mothers.

Based on years of research and interviews with women from different backgrounds, sociologist Orna Donath views regret as a feminist issue. She speaks to women about freedoms and liberties, frustrations, feelings of guilt, love for their children and unfulfilled wishes. In regret motherhood Donath challenges the still valid assumption that every woman is destined for motherhood.

This poignant and provocative book has sparked countless heated debates internationally and is published at a time when the position of women has yet to be defended.

Orna Donat is an Israeli sociologist, lecturer, writer and feminist activist. She teaches at Tel Aviv University, Ben Gurion University and the University College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo. Regret motherhood has been published in thirteen countries.

October 10, 2022

MONEY SECRET by Hanneke van Onna

What role does money play in your life? How do you get financial information and overview? Why is financial autonomy so important? Of money secrets immerse yourself in your personal financial world, so that patterns, beliefs and traps no longer get in your way.

From her own experiences, Hanneke knows how difficult it is to get out of the vicious circle of money problems. After years of financial misery, she changed course and succeeded in becoming a financially independent financial coach. Based on 10 money lessons, advice, homework and her own experiences, she shows in this book in an accessible way that a financially stable life and even complete financial freedom is possible for everyone.

An inspiring and practical book for anyone who wants to manage their money carefree and desires more freedom in life.

Hanne Van Onna is an experienced speaker and has worked, among other things, for DWDD and various journals. She is a role model for the Young Lady Business Academy, where she teaches over 200 young women each year about the importance of financial awareness and financial independence. She is also a money expert for media brand LINDA. Hanneke launched the My Money Mission online program this year, where she helps participants determine and follow their own path to financial freedom.
She is a single mother of three children. She lives and works in Amsterdam.

October 15, 2022


Also 60 years after the appearance of the nature classic silent spring can still inspire the ideas of Rachel Carson. Rachel Carson, at the breach for the earth bears witness to her love for nature and the courage with which she fought to maintain a healthy living environment. What was his influence on the environmental movement? And how can his involvement in an endangered land still inspire us today? This topical book offers a retrospective that, surprisingly, is also hopeful.

with his book silent spring Rachel Carson made a strong impression. The book has sounded the alarm about the state of our living environment. silent spring was published in the fall of 1962 and marked the beginning of the environmental movement. Today, sixty years later, awareness of nature and the environment is greater than ever, partly thanks to her.

Influential writer and scientist | woman & science

As a water ecologist and oceanologist, Rachel Carson (1907-1964) was already an accomplished and influential writer. She has written three bestsellers on the sea, her passion. About silent spring she said, “I had to write it down, I wouldn’t have peace later if I kept quiet.”

What made Rachel Carson so special? Why were so many people affected by it? From what sources did she draw her inspiration? And how is it still relevant today?

Nature & sustainability | green and healthy lifestyle

Rachel Carson, at the breach for the earth testifies to her love for nature, the courage with which she fought to maintain a healthy living environment and the hope she tries to find in existence itself.

Get to know his life and work and see how his thinking develops. Learn about his influence on the environmental movement and learn how his involvement in a vanishing land can still inspire.

Medard Hilhorst studied technical sciences in Twente and theology and ethics in Amsterdam. He has taught ethics at Erasmus University and Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam for over 25 years. In the 1980s he was a pastor student in Delft and obtained his doctorate on a socio-ethical study of our responsibility towards future generations.

October 4, 2022


You will never be bored on Moose Island. Rain or shine, there’s always plenty to do. Rosa and her grandmother Nan are building a bigger hut when a huge storm hits. All kinds of animals come to shelter with them. The same goes for an unexpected visitor: a Cub.
The little wolf bears no resemblance to the large, dangerous forest wolves with tusks Rosa has heard those terrifying stories about. She will still have to find out who this young animal belongs to.
Does Rosa really dare to go to the wolves of whom these terrible things are said? And what should she do if the little one does not belong to them?

This is Rosa’s second playful adventure on Moose Island, from the author of Flamingo Hotel.

Alex Milway was born in Hereford, England. He is an illustrator, writer and animator. He has written numerous children’s books and performed throughout England, including with his friend Gary Northfield from Jules Zebra-books. Alex likes to draw and make things (especially cakes). His four were previously published by Lemniscaat Flamingo Hotel-books.

October 6, 2022


Filippa is a small pheasant who lives in the forest near the village of Fijnhulst. Every day it is almost run over by passing cars. And she’s had enough.
Then she sees a mother passing through the village who allows the children to cross safely in front of the school. Filippa has a brilliant idea: she is going to be the pheasant crossing the forest! All the villagers love him. Only the mayor doesn’t want to hear about this weird bird that helps animals cross. Until the day the mayor’s cat gets lost…

A wonderful story in autumn colors from the illustrator of Little Bear’s Spring and Autumn of the little goose.

Briony May Smith studied illustration at Falmouth University and was nominated for the Macmillan Prize for Illustration in 2013 and 2014. Lemniscaat previously published her picture books with Elli Woollard Little Bear’s Spring and Autumn of the little gooseand she illustrated Robin the robinthe picture book accompanying Dan Ojari’s Christmas film.

October 13, 2022


Crazy stories circulate around Het Besiandershuis. Exciting stories. Ghost stories. But none of that is true…is it? To prove it, six children break into the house one night. Three boys and three girls. It’s a decision that will change their lives.

Each child finds himself in a different time in Nijmegen: Sami finds himself in the Batavian revolt, Sarre in the time of Mariken van Nieumeghen, Mette in the plague epidemic, Dex in the late 19th century, Caya in the Second World War world and Mats gets involved in the Pierson riots in 1981. All six have something to make up for…

The Besidershuis really exists. It has stood near the Waalkade in Nijmegen for almost 500 years. A house that is one of the few to have survived urban storms – and is therefore a wormhole through which one can crawl into history. But can you go back?

Marloes Morshuis has written this framework story for the interactive project “The Spirit of the Besiendershuis”, which will start in Nijmegen in mid-October. At the end of the book, a brief description and explanation is included of each time period in which the stories – largely true – take place.

Marloes Morshuis conquered the world of children’s books with Cooking for the Emperor, Borealis, Radovar’s Shadows, Quota and Semper Sol. She enjoys writing exciting stories that take children into another world – and at the same time make them look at their own world through different eyes.

October 13, 2022

TIME TO GO SOUTH by Clare Helen Welsh & Jenny Løvlie (4+)

On its journey, the tern encounters whales, reindeer, geese, turtles and butterflies, all on their way to their own destination. When she finally reaches her destination, she can rest…until it’s time to leave again.

Beautiful prints by Jenny Løvlie tell the story of the little tern on its long and beautiful journey. A trip to repeat again and again.

On the back of the book, there is more information about the migration of all the animals that appear there.

Claire Helen Welsh was a teacher when she decided to devote her life to writing. She is now a writing coach and author of children’s books. She prefers to write by the sea. Her children’s books have won numerous awards. It’s time to go south is his first book with Lemniscaat.

Jenny Lovlie was the first child in twelve years to be born in Ekkerøy, a peninsula in northern Norway. She studied illustration and animation at Kingston University in London. She likes to work with bright colors, strong shapes and interesting structures in her illustrations. She previously illustrated for Lemniscaat A dress with pockets by Lily Murray.

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