Do you doubt that a VR children’s party is something for your children? Next, I would like to walk you through the experience of our VR kids party so you can see how much fun it is for them.

What I want to give you in advance… a virtual reality children’s party is not very cheap. So first assess whether you want to put that money on the table before discussing it with your children. Because I’m sure – if you tell them about it – they’ll be super excited.

tip: if you are planning to book a children’s party, do it through this pagethen it is cheaper.

VR Kids Party at Park Playground

VR children’s party; enjoy virtual reality with your friends and girlfriends

Where you can still throw a themed party for younger kids, or do one of these other fun kids’ party ideas, the options for older kids are a bit more difficult.

A 12 year old often finds a party too childish and first graders (or older) naturally want a “cool” kids party. Well, you’ve come to the right place with a virtual reality children’s party. In our case both literally and figuratively, haha.

Thrill with Virtual Reality at Park Playground

Last Sunday we went to the Park Playground with Lotte and a number of friends for the Hallow.

Now they’re all 13, so it’s effectively an age where they don’t like normal kids’ parties anymore. A pajama party is always possible, and they also loved our big popular party. But in fact, I no longer had the right to call this VR outing a children’s party.

But enjoy? They did it twice. What fun they had. Below I would like to show you a little more about the experiences they had and how Lotte and her friends lived them.

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A number of virtual reality games to play

The Park Playground is located in different major cities and you can play different kinds of VR games at a kid’s party, but also as a normal group activity of course.

VR experiences

  1. The Hallow – hunt zombies and aliens
  2. Mission Planet X – take an adventurous journey as a space traveler
  3. De Mol – perfect for a Who is de Mol children’s party
  4. The Heist – an escape room variant
  5. K3 – Free K3 from a pyramid in Egypt

At first they wanted to play Mission Planet X, but unfortunately this game was not yet available in Eindhoven at that time. At the end of 2022, this game will be able to be played in the Netherlands and Belgium. As a replacement, the girls (and the boy) chose The Hallow.

A VR game variant that you may not want to play in the form of a children’s party for the little ones. It is therefore a Virtual Reality game for 12+.

But if you want to have a VR experience with smaller children, the K3 VR game is already suitable from 7 years old and the De Mol children’s party as a VR experience from 9 years old.

Below I briefly review the experiences with you:

1. The Hallow for 12+, a great virtual reality children’s party

The Hallow is really great for kids over 12. Yeah, it’s exciting, but I think kids that age can handle it really well. Lotte and her friends certainly do.

First, they practiced upstairs at the Park Playground. Whatever VR experience you choose, you start with practice.

Practice the operation of the VR glasses and the manipulation of the controllers. You can practice for half an hour so that you know exactly what to do when playing the real VR game in the children’s party.

After practice, the great fun can begin.

The mission within The Hallow VR experience is as follows:

You will hunt zombies and terrifying aliens together, cooperation is required to complete it! Who has eliminated the most zombies and is at the top of the leaderboard?

In this trailer you get a taste of The Hallow Experience

Here you will find more information about The Saint

Upstream healthy voltage

The kids were a bit tense at the start of The Hallow VR experience. They of course already provoked themselves a bit in advance and at the start of the VR children’s party they were also on edge.

Some explanations on how these VR glasses work and get used to the “gun” you have in your hands. They are told that they can choose different weapons during the game, but I don’t think they have changed much in the VR game. No time 🙂 .

Below you can see how they play the VR game during the party.

2. Mission Planet X Experience

Planet Earth is almost exhausted and energy is scarce. According to theories, Planet X is home to a powerful energy crystal with an inexhaustible source of energy.

This trailer gives you a taste of Mission Planet X

Commander Dawson sends your troop on a mission to Planet X. Can you find the energy crystal? Work well together, be safe and prepare for the worst. What hostile aliens will you encounter there?

Here you will find more information about Mission Planet X

3. VR Children’s Party with the Mole

This experience is also suitable from the age of 9, so also super fun for a VR children’s party for slightly younger children. Within Mol’s VR experience, the mission is as follows:

Gilles De Coster awaits all applicants in New Zealand. During the search for De Mol, you and your team will face a number of challenges. If you win these challenges, you earn money.

Be careful and keep an eye on your teammates as one of them will try to sabotage the group’s homework. After a few assignments, there is an elimination round. Whoever knows the least about De Mol is irrevocably eliminated.

The remaining candidates play the last game. Do you unmask De Mol? Who do you trust and how do you protect the group’s kitty? Nothing is what it seems!

In this trailer you get a taste of the mole

Here you will find more information about the mole

4. The Heist

Getting into the bank is the easy part. Once inside, you must work as a team to comb through each floor, hostages are hiding somewhere, so watch your shots!

In this trailer you get a taste of The Heist

Here you will find more information about The Heist

5. K3 VR kids party with this experience

You can already do this VR experience from the age of 7, so this Virtual Reality game is also very suitable for a children’s party.

The mission:

K3 is trapped in a pyramid in Egypt! Can you free Martha, Hanne and Klaasje? Work as a team to solve the different adventurous missions.

Find the key that will take you from the museum to the pyramid, solve puzzles, show your best rhythm, walk on lava and free K3. Good luck!

In this trailer you get a taste of the K3 VR experience

Here you will find more information about the K3 experience

Is a VR experience as fun as a viewer?

Yes. Because the actual experience is about 30 minutes long (the game they play after practice), it’s also fun to watch as a spectator.

You can sit on the sofa and watch the “playing field” where the participants are busy. For example, Frank and I enjoyed all the excitement and squeals of Lotte and her friends at the virtual reality children’s party.

It’s nice to watch them, and if you turn around for a moment, you can see the game itself on a big screen. You then see the participants as individuals in the game and can see exactly who is doing what and what is happening in the game. In addition, you can also see the scores in the meantime.

So as a father or mother, it’s perfectly fine to come and keep watching. And the children? When they were done, they just shouted ‘Wow, that was cool!’, ‘really cool!’ and ‘I will also do it with my children’s party’.

I say: mission accomplished!

Would you like to know more about all the options and prices? Check out The Park Playground website

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