Have you been thinking about revamping your bedroom on a budget for a while, but you don’t know where to start? And how to redecorate your bedroom in an economical way? Below are our tips for a cheap bedroom makeover.

For example, you can give your wall a new color, choose a rug or hang a picture on the wall. But of course you can also opt for a new duvet cover.

Whatever you want to change in your bedroom during the makeover, the goal is to create a pleasant atmosphere in your bedroom that doesn’t cost too much, right? With these tips, you will definitely succeed.

In addition to being in your bedroom to sleep, many people also spend time in their bedroom to read or study, for example.

It is therefore very important to make it a personal place.

1. Change your duvet cover and work with pillows

A very economical (and quick) way to makeover your bedroom is to buy another duvet cover. A unique duvet cover creates a pleasant atmosphere in your bedroom. For example, with an amount of around €50.00 you suddenly have a completely different look in your bedroom.

Bee Cinderella.nl for example, you can choose from different colors and prints that you can also have fun reflecting in another object in your room. This together creates a beautiful whole. You can then work a little by theme if you wish.

Choose a nice theme

There are so many different themes these days that it’s almost impossible to choose. For example, for children, it is nice to opt for a jungle theme.

This way it looks like you are taken to the jungle. You can also turn your room into a hotel decor. It often looks casual, but also chic.

a new duvet cover for a budget bedroom makeover
Imagine how different this picture would look with a white duvet cover

Don’t want too many colors in your room? You can also opt for a black and white theme. Because you’re only working with two colors, little can go wrong with the decor. Isn’t all this for you? You can also opt for a seasonal theme.

The autumn season is coming back: is it nice to adapt your bedroom to this? In addition to your duvet cover, you can also reflect it in a beautiful painting on the wall or put several scented candles on your bedside table. This creates a warm appearance.

Use extra pillows for a luxurious feel

For people of mature age, it is equally important to ensure that the bedroom matches the desired style. This guarantees peace, unity and a sense of togetherness. With a few extra pillows, you quickly have a little makeover in your bedroom that also takes into account your budget.

Remember that your bedroom is a place where you can relax/recover from your day. If your bedroom looks the way you want it to look, it can have a positive effect on your mental and physical state.

At night, you use your archiving brain, which means that all the information you recorded in the previous hours is processed in the brain. This allows you to remember better, more and more easily.

Enough about that, in what ways do you think you could possibly apply for your bedroom?

What do you like the most? Is it a hotel look or do you prefer a stylish room with only white and black? Think about what you like and apply it. Everything does not have to be done at once, it is also possible to revamp your room in phases.

teen room in green and yellow

2. A different color on the wall as a budget bedroom makeover

Lotte’s room could do with a little makeover, but budget wise I didn’t want to spend too much money on it as a big room renovation is coming up in a year.

So the idea was to do a different look with a small budget. And I did it with a color on the wall. Just paint a corner of his room.

The corner was white and I still had green wall paint. First I covered the corner with masking tape so I could paint clean lines. What a difference!

Now I painted a corner, but you can also paint panels or just surfaces on the wall. Do you have several scraps of paint? See if you can combine them!

This way you immediately get a completely different look with a very small amount of paint.

3. A different look for your existing furniture

Are you “tired” of the furniture you have now and would you like a different look? You really don’t need to buy new furniture. Especially if you want to give your bedroom a metamorphosis on a small budget, it is better to opt for the “change look”. You can also refurbish many of your furniture with a paint bond.

Depending on the style you want to implement in your room, you can choose a sleek lacquer to paint something over, or a chalky paint that gives you a powdery effect. The last one is very nice too!

4. Metamorphosis of the budget bedroom with the market

Looking for something special for your bedroom, but don’t have the budget for a new item from the store? Marktplaats is your lifeline!

We regularly receive something from Marktplaats that we would like to give a second life. In fact, if I had more time, I would wander around Marktplaats every night 😉 . I like it and always get the most out of internet browsing.

Then I go on Pinterest and soon I know what I’m going to do with my latest acquisition. How am I going to go about making it a one-of-a-kind piece that costs next to nothing to help the bedroom makeover!

5. DIY for a cheap bedroom makeover

DIY is always the cheapest. Make something out of nothing! For example, find a nice branch on a walk in the woods that you can use as a coat rack.

A few nice clothes and your budget wardrobe add a nice touch to your bedroom makeover.

You can hang it with a rope around the branch, or spend some money on a leather hanging loop, cool too!

Small changes for a big result

So you see that with a few small tweaks you can make a significant difference. A bedroom makeover can therefore certainly be economical.

A new duvet cover, different colored pillows (or just different covers), a color on the wall and DIY and you’re completely zen in your bedroom again!

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