A Cchanging careers after your 40s? 40 is the new 20! Everyone works longer. So, are you considering changing careers after 40? Don’t hesitate any longer and go for it!

“But how?” you can think of yourself. You can read it in this article. In this I give you some benchmarks and more clarity, so that you too can find the job of your dreams!

Career change after your 40s: these tips will help you on your way

career change after 40

Fear of being too old

Do you find it scary to choose another career at this age? This is very understandable, but totally unnecessary. A career change after 40 is even more common than you might think!

Especially during this time when everyone has to work longer. Now that you are older and wiser, you start to think more about life.

You have already achieved your main goals. House, tree, animal. Don’t forget to become a mom! And then once you’re settled, you start thinking. About you. About life. About what you still want to accomplish and what brings you happiness and job satisfaction.

You find that you no longer appreciate your work for a few years. Also, it costs you energy rather than giving it to you. A clear signal that you need to take action and shape that career change after your 40th birthday.

Take the first step towards a professional retraining after 40 years

Okay, so your current job is no longer the right fit for you, a career change might be an option even if you’re already over 40. But what are you going to do then? This is often the time when people have a short in their head, bury their head in the sand, and continue working in their current position.

It just doesn’t solve anything! You will continue to feel this unless you take action. And that starts with taking the time to sit at the table at home, relaxed with pen and paper.

Do this especially at a quiet time, i.e. when the children are in bed or not at home. Then start thinking about your likes and dislikes. Make 2 columns; a “like” column and a “dislike” column.

This way you get a better overview for yourself. The things you write don’t have to be work-related. So write whatever comes to mind. What are you living on ? What makes you shine? What gives you energy?

Make a mood board

To better map the things you like, you can create a mood board. Collect images from everywhere.

Internet, magazines, books, leaflets, etc. If you feel like drawing and coloring, you can do that too. Enjoy! Do something beautiful that attracts you and makes you shine.

Preferably hang it somewhere where you look at it every day, such as above or beside your bed. Isn’t it wonderful to wake up with a smile because of this?

This way, your mood chart will work for you, because it will change your mindset and your outlook on life. And that can just lead to new ideas. Exciting!

Do you yearn for a career change after your 40th birthday? Discover your abilities

To find the job of your dreams and succeed in your professional retraining, it is not enough to know what you like. Because if you’re not good at what you want to do, it’s only going to bring you a lot of frustration in the end. Thus, a professional retraining after 40 years does not bring more happiness at work!

The combination of liking something and having the ability to do it makes it work. This creates passions and you can enjoy working again.

Sit back and relax with a pen and paper handy. What are you really good at right now? And what are you less good at? What do you think are your good character traits? And what else can you work on?

Divide these points again on the 2 known columns. You can then ask your partner, or someone else you are very close to, to supplement or maybe even adjust this. Are you on the same page? This way you also get an idea of ​​how your environment sees you. In addition, thanks to these exercises, you gain more self-confidence.


Now that you’re clear on your likes and dislikes and your strengths and weaknesses, you can start researching what’s right for you.

This can of course be done through a free career choice test, but these often give a fairly general answer. And you want more clarity. A good example of how to achieve this is to look www.nationalevocationsguide.nl.

On this site, you can search for occupations by skills and personality type. Does it work well! You already have it on paper. Glad you can match it now. Are there professions that appeal to you? Write them down. Create your own career overview.

If you want to start your own business, learn more about generating passive income here.

Does your child have a free library card and would you like to learn more about a particular subject or profession? Be sure to take advantage of it!

Find out about the trades for which you are considering changing careers

You have now created your own career overview for your career change after your 40th birthday. Take a critical look at this. Are there professions which, on closer inspection, are still below? If yes, then you can ignore it.

The next step is to dig deeper into the professions you still have. Search here for vacancies at random, for example via LinkedIN, Indeed or simply Google.

For example, you can see by vacancy and by profession what people typically define in terms of job requirements. If this discourages you, cross the profession off your list. If it makes you happy, leave the profession alone. The result? Your preview has been further shortened.

It becomes more and more bright and clear for you. It feels good. Do you feel the need to see “in real life” how things work in certain professions? Then visit an open day or the National Career Fair which takes place every year at the RAI in Amsterdam. You can’t get a better presentation!

Yes, I know what I want! And now?

After researching and researching your career overview, you’ve probably managed to sum it up. Have you made your choice ? Wonderful!

Now you can start looking at what it takes to be able to practice this profession. Are you succeeding with your current abilities, papers and knowledge? Or do you need additional training or retraining? If you need further training or retraining, you really don’t need to do a full bachelor’s degree to be able to do that.

Nowadays, there are many (vocationally) oriented programs and courses at all levels. Do you work during the day? No problem. There are plenty of good evening classes and home study. Compare them and find the one you like.

Many training institutes also offer their training and internships with the possibility of using the STAP budget. You can apply for it and if approved, you will also take the training or course for free! How nice? !

Would you like more information on how this subsidy scheme works? Then look at the provider’s website and at www.stap-budget.nl.

For example, you can receive a grant of €1000.00 from the NHA for all these courses

You see, you are never too old to learn and achieve your dreams. Are you – like me – also considering changing careers after your 40th birthday? And after all this information and following these steps, do you still need more support and coaching?

Then you can also follow some free career paths. One of them, which I can recommend myself, are the career coaches of Werkprikkel. Their trajectories consist of 4 one-hour online sessions. More information about this can be found at www.werkprikkel.nl.