There are many things you can do to create a pleasant atmosphere in your home. Think about using natural materials and all sorts of cute home accessories that you can place with your beautiful interior. But did you know that combining blinds and curtains can also play a major role?

Combining these window coverings creates a finished, “soft” look in the home.

Combine blinds and curtains; a lot of inspiration

I must admit that we are not there yet. I already have the blinds in the house, but I haven’t been able to combine them with curtains yet. For the simple reason that we just haven’t had time for it yet and our budget is currently going to other renovations.

Actually, it’s not such a point, because with our new pup in the house, the curtains might not be very practical yet. But I still think that combining blinds and curtains is the best of the two, so to speak.

combine blinds and curtains

Why would you combine these window coverings?

I will be happy to answer them.

If you alone blinds in front of the window, then this in itself is a great solution during the day and in the evening or at night to bring the view out of your living room. However, it is true that the combination of blinds with curtains gives a more pleasant atmosphere in your home.

Without the curtains you can quickly feel “bare” and maybe a little too tight, especially in the evening. During the day, blinds make your home look very stylish through the sunlight as they have a very attractive stripe-like effect.

Additional curtains also give you the opportunity to vary more in terms of color. By implementing the color combination in your window coverings, you enhance the look. It will give you more peace and unity in your home.

For example, we have black blinds. Super nice, but in the evening when it’s dark it would be very nice to combine this with a slightly lighter curtain. For example, on an in-between. This again softens the black surface in the evening.

There are even more advantages to combining curtains and blinds. You can read more about this later in the article.

Take a good look at the situation in your home

It depends a bit on the layout and design of your home if the combination goes well.

For example, we can combine blinds with curtains in the living room, but not in our kitchen. Curtains aren’t an option here due to two windows above the counter where they wouldn’t fit.

In reality; it is not a face. The blinds we have there are super practical. It looks “dressed up” and yet it is practical cleaning.

We could only use the curtains for the sliding doors in the garden, but combining them with blinds is not practical. Because how to open the sliding door?

Combine blinds and curtains in the living room

However, for a living space like our living room, combining the two types of window coverings would be ideal. The blinds do their job during the day. They filter the light a bit and ensure that we don’t have a great view.

In the evening, I currently close the blinds, but I prefer to combine this with curtains that I can close. Then the blinds can remain in their standard position, and the curtains give an extra feeling of comfort.

The advantage of combining curtains with blinds

Besides the fact that the curtains are comfortable and give atmosphere to the room, they have other advantages that are more difficult to create with blinds.

Curtains provide an energy saving factor in the home. If you close the curtains in the evening, the heat will stay better in your house. By the way, make sure you don’t leave long curtains in front of the heater, because you won’t get anywhere.

Curtains can also play a great role in terms of sound. This way you can improve the acoustics of your home.

So my advice is to look for the combination of blinds with curtains for the ultimate experience in terms of comfort, ambience, sound and insulation.

Below I have some ideas for you on how you can perfectly combine curtains and blinds.

Even more inspiration

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