Some time ago I already showed you the new look of our renovated toilets. But what I haven’t shown clearly is the outside of the toilet and the choice we made for the rural interior doors. We went from a classic door, in black, to a rural interior door.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of rural doors and a modern, industrial interior? So be sure to read this blog full of inspiration and advice.

rural interior doors
Looking at this photo, I can’t imagine a better choice than this interior wooden door

Why combine an industrial or modern interior with rural interior doors?

I can be very brief on this. A rustic interior door brings warmth to your interior. And it is precisely an elegant, modern interior or a somewhat “harder” industrial interior that needs a warm touch. This warm touch ensures that your interior also exudes cosiness. And feel like coming home.

Our rural interior door is added cottageworld of. They custom made our interior oak wood door and boy am I so happy with the result!

All our interior doors are not made of oak wood. We also have steel interior doors with glass, and I really like the combination of these interior doors.

The hard steel of the interior doors, but also the steel beams of the kitchen and living room, and the concrete-look floor blend perfectly with this oak wood interior door.

I would like to show you how the change happened and what the result is.

From classic old interior doors to black rural interior doors

You might not believe it, but when we bought this house, all the interior doors were dark brown. Nice and classic. Below you can see the classic wooden interior door that was originally in the laundry room toilet.

classic wooden interior door

Last year we renovated the living room, kitchen and pantry. We broke many walls, but also closed doors (like the open door you still see in this photo) and created doors in a different place.

We also removed the tiles from the pantry, made a new ceiling in all the rooms and laid new PVC flooring throughout the house.

After this renovation, our toilet door was still a classic wooden door which of course did not match the rest. The toilets still needed to be renovated, but I couldn’t wait that long and gave the door a lick of paint that existed at the time.

black painted wooden interior door
Here I painted the door black and the door that was originally on the right has already been closed. There is now a pantry against it, with a wine pole.

This temporary arrangement of the bathroom door allowed us to move forward, but I missed the match with the rest of the interior and especially the warmth that the country interior doors can give to the whole.

So you can imagine how happy I am with this beautiful oak toilet door we have now, right?

rural oak interior door

Rural interior door with a modern look

To give a modern touch to the rural interior door, we opted for the straight lines of the planks on the outside of the door.

The door can be delivered with a countersunk keyhole so that you hardly have to do anything yourself.

Because we painted the frame black here and also opted for black door fittings, industrial and rural come together here.

Not only the exterior of the door is beautiful. The inside of this door may also be there. Precisely because I chose to make our restroom a kind of hotel chic (with a twist), this country-style oak interior door fits perfectly into that. Look.

interior wooden door

Our whole toilet is black inside and therefore quite dark. The rural interior door ensures that this black is “broken” again, making this door a real eye-catcher.

And the twist? Oh yes, it’s in the photo wallpaper 😉 .

oak interior door

Other types of oak interior doors with a country look

Don’t you think our interior oak wood door is quite rural? Carefree! They have many more models at Cottageworld oak interior doorsLook.

Which do you prefer?

More inspiration from interior wooden doors in a modern or industrial interior

Although the doors above are closet doors, you can see at a glance that these doors give the whole room a warm look.

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