A kitchen-themed kid’s party is all Aaron wanted for his birthday. And I get that because how cool is it to have a kids cooking party at the age of 8? Below you can read how they enjoyed this children’s party and what his mother Marinka organized for this party.

kids kitchen party decoration table

Kitchen-themed children’s party; a children’s party cooks with pizza!

First of all, I would like to point out that you can of course organize your kitchen children’s party as you wish. Do you want to make pizza like at Marinka? Good! But you can also cook something else for the children’s party. If you’re looking for more kids’ party ideas, check out this blog.

Most of the items we used at this children’s party can be used around any culinary theme. So choose how you feel and make it a fantastic birthday for your child.

By the way, used items come children’s parties from Suus.

Cooking at your kids’ party can be so much fun

After weeks of waiting, we finally received it the Suus children’s party box completely unpack and use, because this weekend was the day. Aaron’s birthday party. And for his 8th birthday, he wanted to organize a culinary party for children.

Sniffer between all the kids’ party themes

I was allowed to pick a theme from the site and there was also a kids cooking party in between. It worked just as well because Aaron had already told me that he wanted to cook with his kids’ party.

And what a huge assortment this online store. There are 30 kinds of themes and separate parts are on sale for each theme.

We chose the kitchen themed package complete with decoration. All in the same matching theme. Super easy, because in terms of preparation, you’ve already finished your children’s party.

A children’s party with kitchen including a complete scenario!

I received the complete script by email, wow! For someone like me who likes to work in a clear and complete way, it’s really great. The whole kitchen children’s party is elaborate.

Each game is named and explained and the requirements are also listed with everything. Everything is also written in the recipe booklet.

So it’s really all about copying the lists and you have the complete overview to shape your kids’ party with cooking. You just need to run.

Kids Kitchen Party Invitations

Aaron wrote and distributed the invitations himself. And the unboxing done. What a pleasure to see her happy face, especially for him.

So you find very nice invitations on the site which only cost €3.95 for 10 pieces. This way, you’ll have appropriate invitations completely in your kitchen party theme in no time.

This way you can celebrate the birthday yourself

On the big day, we beautifully set the table, bought matching shelves, baked apple turnovers, and put all the goodies on them.

Upon entering, all the children were amazed and immediately wanted to sit down at the table. Once almost all of the birthday songs have been covered, it’s time to unbox. All gifts are given, gladly received and unwrapped.

cooking and organizing a children's party

Setting the Table for a Kids Kitchen Party

And now for the sequel to the kitchen-themed children’s party. All the children are very excited when they see their sign with it on it a chef’s hat, a recipe booklet and your own ladle. Rara, what are we gonna do?

We start the party by decorating the chef’s hats and coloring and filling out the recipe booklet.

You can also choose, for example, to create a themed cake plate cook or a decorate a kitchen apron.

kids kitchen party

Children’s party kitchen treasure hunt

At that time Peter (my husband) came out to hang up the scavenger hunt maps. The smaller cards in the deck are the route cards and the larger cards are the homework. Because everything is so clearly described in the script, it was also easy to prepare, so the bag containing the supplies for the treasure hunt was already ready.

After the kids were done crafting, we watched the scavenger hunt intro movie. Because Cook Cucumber has lost his lucky ladle… and now!

cook a children's party

Of course, the children can help him, and the children enthusiastically jump off the couch. Luckily, we had beautiful fall weather at Aaron’s Children’s Party, so put on your shoes and head out for the culinary scavenger hunt.

kids kitchen party

Homework is explained simply and is easy to do for all ages. And what is really practical, all homework can also be entered! So if the weather is bad, you also have a lot of indoor games with your treasure hunt.

You usually have plenty of these at home, which saves you money. What a construction at the top, isn’t it?

cooking games for kids

We spent at least an hour and a half outside, but you can make the scavenger hunt as short or long as you want. They had to bounce balls of soup in the pan; the game “I make soup and I put it in”; draw mustache and much more. Well-known games but with a touch of cooking especially for this children’s party.

Luckily for the Cucumber cook, these toppers have found the ladle.

The script is well detailed and contains not only a complete setup for a treasure hunt, but also a lot of tips for the further implementation of the children’s party.

You can find the Culinary Scavenger Hunt with all the essentials here.

Cooking at your children’s party

When you get home, the table is nicely set again and after washing your hands, it’s time to prepare the food. This is also spelled out in the recipe booklet. We indicated a little twist and opted for a tomato-vegetable soup with meatballs and whole wheat wrap pizzas.

The kids divided up the chores, the toque continued, and hard work was done. They turned the meatballs as if their life depended on it and the cheese was sprinkled on the pizzas with great precision.

Stir, turn and sprinkle and a delicious pot of fresh soup and beautiful slices of pizza arrived on the table.

Trick: for the best result, you will of course stay close to the children during the cooking 😉

But with such a culinary tour de force, of course, comes a delicious dessert. A lip of vanilla and chocolate custard with a serving tray full of tasty toppings. There was a delicious feast.

But all good things must come to an end, including this fun and delicious party.

chef diploma for a children's party

Bags to distribute, a chef’s diploma, the recipe booklet and the ladle to take away

The handbags were ready, but the children also received a real chef’s diploma, a kitchen coloring page, the recipe booklet and of course the ladle. Arms full, bellies full and smiles from ear to ear, the children went home.

Take a look around the site and choose one of the many themes. A fun, well-organized and original party will be delivered to your doorstep in no time. Most of the preparations have already been made for you, that’s ideal!

Even I liked it, whereas I normally like to arrange, plan and organize everything myself.

I also wish you a pleasant and unforgettable children’s party with kitchen!

kids party cookbook

What can you do to celebrate a kitchen-themed birthday party?

Just a quick summary of everything you can do at a kids kitchen party:

  • Decorate chef hats
  • Color and complete a recipe booklet
  • Organize a culinary scavenger hunt (with introductory film)
  • Paint a ladle
  • Make pastry dishes
  • Decorate the table in a kitchen theme for the children’s party
  • put a beautiful chef’s placemat on the table
  • Provide a chef’s degree
  • Chef’s make-up
  • Kitchen games

This way you have the perfect mix of crafts, energy waste, meals, games and a complete interpretation for your children’s kitchen party.

Final Conclusion on a Kitchen-Themed Kids Party

If your child is interested in cooking, this kids party is just right. There are plenty of products you can use to keep the children’s party completely in theme, so you can easily celebrate it yourself at home.

Of course, you can also book a children’s cooking party in the area, but then you will lose a lot more money. And let’s face it, organizing such a children’s party at home is just as fun!