Colored lighting, like RGB LED strips, can make your home cool and futuristic. LED light strips have come a long way, which means you can replace Christmas lights with something that looks neater. LED strips are thin and flexible, so you can place them where traditional lights can’t reach, like under cabinets and in drawers. That means they’re also functional – they can light up a little what’s going on behind the fridge or under the bed. Some versions can even be cut to size.

Your options for where to place the LED strips are mostly limited by your imagination, where you have a power outlet, and where you don’t mind a bit of tape or glue.


Open staircases look especially cool with LED lighting, and they’re also functional, as these spaces can be particularly dangerous at night. As you can see in this video, there are ways to automatically turn on the lights when you come downstairs for a midnight snack.

Mirrors or picture frames


You know those mirrors surrounded by light bulbs that celebrities always stare at in old movies? You can achieve a more subtle effect and not take anything away from the reflected surface by covering it with incandescent bulbs.

It also works well for photo frames! If you’re looking for an easy way to give your family portraits a bit more pop, you can find simple light box frames online. If you’re more of a do-it-yourselfer, these tutorial pointers can help you create an equally cool light decoration – or you could simply surround a current frame you already love with a carefully chosen LED strip, like a Warm white LED strip.

Under sofas and beds

Sometimes trendy living rooms have bright lights under their sofas. Sure, it looks fancy, but who needs the prizes? Create the effect by placing LED lights under your sofa and enjoy the ambiance with much cheaper bottle service. And, you’ll never lose a sneaker again if you put LEDs under your bed.


Shelves are great for organization, but if you also want to use them as displays for what’s on them, adding LED lights is a great addition. Plain white lights might be enough, or you can follow these instructions and turn box shelves into color-coded display cases.



If you’re worried about your peaches going moldy and you still have leftovers from three Christmases ago in the back of your fridge, it might be time to add some lighting to your cooler. The more expensive models may already have additional lamps, but for older and cheaper variants you can do it yourself quickly and inexpensively. Add a motion sensor and timer so the light isn’t always on.

Under cupboards and beams

While adding a strip light under cabinets might be purely functional, a color-changing strip for your bar will look really cool.


terrace lighting

At dusk, the patio becomes a little less inviting. Sure, it’s good to look at the stars (or city lights, depending on your location), but it’s also good to be able to see your drink or your conversation partner. Equipping the deck with tons of LED strips is certainly longer and more expensive, but the effect is quite spectacular.


There are many LED lights that can sync with your music, making the whole show even more awesome!


LED lighting drawers

If your junk drawer looks anything like ours, it could definitely use some extra shine. There are LED light strips, which are specially designed for places like cupboards and shelves because they emit little heat. As with the fridge, a motion sensor and timer would be great additions.

christmas lights

For some people, the advantage of LED strip lights over Christmas lights is that they fit in more easily, so you can keep them on all year round.

swimming pools

There are waterproof LED lights that are suitable for outdoor use and even for swimming pools. Considering the mix of electricity and water, it might be best to hire a professional.

Above the bath

Water and electricity don’t mix well, but if you want an ethereal glow while eliminating your stress, you can always use LED light strips around your tub. However, the rest of the nature-inspired vibe is more difficult to pull off. You can put strips under the bathtub, but only if they have a water resistance of at least IP65 (these can also look nice around some sinks).

Under your bed

Don’t turn on the light. Don’t step on sharp toys. Don’t wake your child. Motion-sensing bedside lamps provide just enough visibility for you to move around the room without disturbing too much. You can also install the LED strips on your own bed, in the bathroom or in the hallway, so you always have light when you need it.

coffee table

One of the reasons people use LED strips is that they can light up places that are hard to reach with traditional lighting methods, like a pool table or a kitchen drawer. But sometimes people use LED lights because they just look cool. With the right set of LED strips, you can create a futuristic coffee table for the living room. It also works great for gaming/poker tables etc.

Create your own art

If you’re feeling creative and a bit ambitious, consider making your own custom LED strip art! The thin LED strings are great for curving cursive words like “Love” or “Friends” or whatever else you have in mind. You can even try recreating an old fashioned neon sign look for a particular display.

behind the tv

LED strips around a TV background are one of the most common LED strip decorations. Although it might seem odd at first, the low brightness of the LED lights creates the perfect atmosphere for an entertainment center, and the TV’s bold central shape looks great with a bit of backlighting, especially for a games room. Likewise, you can use this same lighting scheme to illuminate your gaming screens to enhance your gaming experience.

Workspace lighting

If you are an avid DIYer or a hobbyist, LED lights are the perfect addition to illuminate your projects and activities. Placing a single row of lights on top of your table is great for low cost illumination and full visibility, but you also need to remember to wrap a strip of light around the edges of the table to help illuminate all possible angles. Some people even like to put LED lights around equipment like sewing machines or vises.