A housewife or an experienced housewife will certainly know this; Sometimes cleaning is easier, almost playful, other days we go to work reluctantly and it doesn’t work right away. So you know, “Today won’t work!”

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A glance at the position of the moon will quickly tell you: household chores that involve cleaning are certainly much easier when the moon is waning.

Definitely not floating

You might now be thinking “What kind of woolly item is this?”, but there’s nothing woolly about it. As everyone knows, the moon causes ebbs and flows. If the moon can move an entire ocean, it can certainly influence much smaller things. You can believe it or not.

Right now I’m reading ‘The Witch’s Wisdomby Susan Smith. If you want to know more about, among other things, the influence of the moon on humans, this is highly recommended.

Environmental protection “with the moon”

It is of course not always possible to wait half a month with the necessary cleaning work. But maybe now you can schedule bigger jobs, like spring cleaning, washing curtains and lace curtains, washing windows and cleaning blinds.

These activities are not part of daily duties, but are only performed a few times a year. And then it’s good to know for sure that the moon is in the right position.

It is of course important to use cleaning and washing products that are as environmentally friendly as possible. Also in this case, it is good to start with “the good old days”.

A lot of grandmother’s knowledge is not as old-fashioned and as useless as one would think. It is better to work with gentle means than with aggressive means that harm the environment, and moreover, not cleaning.

Success may not be visible overnight, but you’ll find that resources that work quickly often don’t work for long. In the long run, therefore, it is better to work with gentler means and means to achieve a lasting effect.

What sign is the moon in?

You can a buy lunar calendar. On the lunar calendar you can read which day the moon is in which zodiac sign and when it changes from one sign to another.

This also has no small influence.

The twelve signs of the zodiac are divided according to the four elements:

► Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio belong to the Water signs.

► Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn are Earth signs.

► Gemini, Libra and Aquarius belong to the Air element.

► Finally, Leo, Sagittarius and Aries are Fire signs.

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Household with the moon

Washing and cleaning: the test

A very simple test proves this: Put a piece of dirty laundry in a container of water with the waning moon and add detergent. The dirt will disappear.

Do the same with the waxing moon, the dirt will not dissolve.

By looking at the foam, you can determine the following:

If the soapy water stays clean, the moon is waxing and dirt is very difficult to remove from the laundry. However, if the soap is cloudy and dirty, the moon will dim and the laundry will be clean without rubbing.

If you do the laundry on a water sign day or do some cleaning work on those days and also pay attention to the waning moon, the laundry will always come out clean and fresh. Stubborn stains also disappear faster at this position of the moon.

There will always be stains that will not disappear with the best will in the world. Then only chemical cleaning will help. If possible, you should only use it when the moon is waning. You should also avoid a day with the sign of Capricorn, at least according to tradition. This is because the dreaded “shiny” will appear on the garment.

Even if you regularly mothball your summer and winter clothes for six months, you should pay attention to the sign the moon is in:

► Choose an airy day in spring and fall (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

► If you wash when the moon is waning and then put the clothes away, you will rarely see mothballs in the clothes.

► If you put the wardrobe under mothballs on an Earth day (Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus), unpleasant odors may appear in the clothes.

► Clothes put away on Water Days (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) tend to get damp.

Wooden floors, window frames and glass

A real hardwood floor requires a lot of maintenance. The moon also contributes to this. If the floor is always wiped with a damp cloth during the rising moon and if it is in a sign of Water, water will penetrate more easily into any dirt. The wood can warp and even rot.

Wooden floors should therefore only be wiped with a damp cloth when the moon is waning. If there is no other way, choose at least one day when there is a moon when it is in an Air sign.

Anyone who cleans windows knows that sometimes, by some miracle, streaks reappear immediately after cleaning.

Clean windows when the moon is waning and preferably on a day when the moon is in an Air sign, then almost nothing can go wrong. A touch of spirit in the water guarantees streak-free windows.

Don’t clean heavily soiled windows on a water day. You can also use the same trick to clean dirty TV or screens.

The big cleaning

The big cleaning, which many housewives still do in the spring, must also be done at a time when the moon is in the right position. This is why it is important for you to know that the air days in spring always follow the water days. They are ideal for all jobs involving dirt and a good cleaning.

Perhaps the tradition of cleaning the whole house well in the spring comes from a time when it was known that the Air sign Aquarius always follows the Water sign Pisces when the moon wanes in the spring.

Even more cleaning tips

► Start cleaning, airing and brushing on a Waning Moon Sky Day.

► The same goes for airy mattresses.

► Fire days are also suitable for airing mattresses.

► It is not good to air the mattresses during a Water Day; then they attract moisture.