The cold and dark months are back. This is the perfect time to make your home cozy and warm. That’s how you get through those long evenings! How to decorate my living room this fall? You can read some tips and ideas in the article below.

Candles on the table

In autumn and winter, of course, immediately think about candles. Buy beautiful candlesticks or tealight holders that you can put on the table. Are there young children and/or pets around? In that case, you might be better off using fake battery-powered candles. It’s much safer, but just as comfortable. Some LED candles have a moving flame. As a result, they can hardly be distinguished from real candles at a distance.

Crawl under a blanket

What’s better than snuggling up under a cozy blanket at night? Blankets not only keep you warm, but also have a decorative function. Therefore, pay close attention to color and printing when purchasing. Adjust it nicely to your interior. Also look at the quality of the plaid. Choose high quality materials with a durable character.

What kind of blankets should I use?


Which type of cover is best for you largely depends on the material. Each material has different properties and benefits. For example, an organic cotton blanket is perfect for allergy sufferers, as you can wash the material well. The soft wool blankets from Allnatura which are made of merino wool, are super soft and durable at the same time. Another luxury option is a cashmere blanket. See which features appeal to you the most and which look best suits your interior.

Decorative cushions on the sofa

Do not just put a warm blanket on the sofa, but also buy additional decorative pillows. This creates a very warm atmosphere. Alternate with different colors and prints for a playful effect.

Carpet in living room and bedroom

dark green corner sofa

During the cold period, a rug should not be missing in the living room and bedroom. It brings more warmth to your home, both literally and figuratively. Plus, there are rugs for every interior style!

More natural materials at home

In fall and winter, add more natural materials to your interior. These materials immediately bring atmosphere and comfort to the house. For example, buy wooden fall decoration for on the table or buy a number of wicker storage baskets.