Your kids’ clothes are a big expense, so how can you keep kids’ clothes looking great for as long as possible? So you don’t need to buy new clothes as much as possible?

Your children crawl, run, climb, fall and do mischief. A hole in the knee of those new jeans, a stain on that beautiful dress, an expensive coat that got lost, socks that you can never find again. To chase.

Plus, they often outgrow those new sneakers or pants in no time. Well, as a working mom, you probably know the problem. So what can you do to keep your kids’ clothes looking great for as long as possible?

Keeping children's clothes beautiful, tips

Keep children’s clothes beautiful as long as possible

We give you 10 useful tips for this!

1. Dress your child in clothes appropriate to the circumstances

Sounds easy. But your children also have their own will. Agree with them that there are certain times when they are not allowed to choose for themselves. Or limit the choice to a few options.

For example: your child is going to play football on the field or has to take hockey training. Or is your little one a creative marvel who loves to work with paint and scissors? How do you keep their children’s clothes looking good?

Plan for a few nice, not-too-new sets that can take a beating and where the stains aren’t so noticeable. Buy or make a beautiful apron for the little princes and princesses in the kitchen. Just make these special “practice-play-craft” outfits a hard and fast rule for your child to follow.

keep children's clothes beautiful for a long time, how to wash them?

2. Every stain needs a different treatment if you want kids’ clothes to look great

Of course, it is never possible to completely prevent stains. Unless you tie your child to a chair or something…. Grass stains and stains from chocolate, ice cream and lemonade are among them. Luckily, there are plenty of useful ones home remedies to remove those spots again.

It is important that you first find out what caused the stain so that you can determine the right treatment.

With the wrong treatment, you can make it even worse than it is. Bloodstains, for example, should be rinsed off with cold water before you start using lukewarm water and other remedies.

Other stains are best treated immediately with soap or oxgall vinegar. In short; know your stain and apply the right treatment.

3. Washing instructions to keep children’s clothes looking good

You know it: busy-busy-busy. Just quickly toss laundry in the machine, then toss it in the dryer or hang it up after work and errands.

In your haste, you don’t want to read all the washing instructions. We totally understand you. Still, it’s wise if you want kids’ clothes to look good.

This way you prevent your clothes from being damaged by washing them at too high a temperature. Some items are not allowed in the dryer, others are. So read the symbols and act accordingly.

keep children's clothes safe in the washing machine

4. Don’t overload the washing machine

Do you get a new Mount Washmore every day? So you prefer to wash as much as possible in one go. We all recognize it too.

But still it is necessary to resist the temptation to stuff the machine completely. It is not good for your clothes and not for the machine. Your laundry will also stink. Children’s clothes are therefore less clean and you can therefore keep them less beautiful.

If you still have a hand’s breadth left at the top of the drum, the machine is properly loaded. Not too full and not too empty.

5. Don’t wash clothes more often than necessary

Each washing and drying cycle is a test for the garment. Know that every time you wash something, it wears and fades a little more.

It is of course nice and fresh to wear only freshly washed clothes. But this is not always necessary. When a garment has no stains, it is better to hang out in the open air. It can still be worn the next day. And so your children’s clothes (and your own clothes) will stay beautiful longer!

6. Use the dryer as little as possible

Clothes also wear out quickly after each drying cycle; all those lint that you take out of the filter every time comes from clothes!

Using the dryer is quite expensive. Therefore, use the dryer as little as possible, especially if you want to save on energy costs.

It may take a little longer, but it’s better for your clothes, the environment and your wallet to hang up the laundry. Nice and cool in the sun and wind or, in bad weather, indoors.

So make sure you have a convenient hanging point in your home. Tip for if you wash (almost) daily: remove the dry laundry and hang up the new laundry at the same time. It saves a lot of work.

7. Keep children’s clothes beautiful? Turn clothes inside out before washing

Turning each garment inside out before washing will preserve colors and fabric.

The fabric pills less quickly and the colors of the print fade less quickly. After washing, you can also hang everything upside down or put it in the dryer.

Even then, the color will fade less quickly. Only when you start folding the laundry do you turn it right side up, so it can fit nicely in the closet.

8. Hang or fold?

Not all clothes are suitable for hanging. Think wool sweaters and t-shirts. These warp when you hang them, so it’s best to bend them.

Use good hangers for the items you hang. For children’s clothes, there are special smaller hangers to keep them in place. When you place these items on adult hangers, they stretch and deform.

Choose hangers that don’t slip off your clothes and provide good support for each item. In this way, the clothes stay beautiful longer.

9. Cheap is often expensive

This is not always true, we dare not say so. But it often happens that when it comes to clothing, you are more likely to experience warping and discoloration with cheaper items.

For children, especially younger ones, it is advisable to opt for second-hand designer clothes or buy exclusively on sale. Also check out these money-saving tips for your clothes.

Go for items that still look good. Then you know they still look great, even if they’ve been worn and washed before. Then the chance that your children can still use it for a while and you can still keep the children’s clothes looking good.

Bigger than if you opted for new and cheap clothes of the same kind. However, it is also a good idea to look at the cheapest stores. You can mark beautiful clothes on it that may not last as long, but that your child can play in unlimited.

Especially when your child is going through a period where he is growing very quickly.

10. Rather not white?

You may now think it’s better to buy dark clothes for your children. There is of course a grain of truth if you want children’s clothes to look good for a long time.

A silk blouse for your little toddler is therefore not such a good idea. Still, a sturdy fabric in white is also not too difficult an item. But a T-shirt with a colorful design is less vulnerable than a plain light pink.

Another tip: check the washing instructions for the clothes you want to buy in the store. A garment that can be washed at 40 degrees or more is much easier to keep looking great longer than an item that can only withstand hand washing.

Bonus tip: wash sneakers in the washing machine

Are there grass or other stains on your child’s sneakers? Put them in a washing net and simply wash them with the wash at 30 degrees. Then put them in the sun to dry them and they are completely like new again!

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