Most women feel that their partner or their children do not help enough around the house. If you really feel like a lone warrior in a war against dirt and debris, then maybe it’s time to look into why they aren’t helping you. And we’re going to clean up with the whole family, together in a challenge during the autumn holidays! Are you in?

Besides the fact that you have teenagers who regularly want to interfere, or roommates with a general aversion to household chores, there are usually other factors to blame.

too many reviews

If you are the type who is never satisfied with the results of others, you are sending the signal for failure. Anyone who does anything for you feels like a failure. “It’s never good”.

To change this, make sure your requests are reasonable. Your husband may not want to use the same method as you for scrubbing a bathtub. If the bath gets clean and you don’t have to do it yourself, who cares?

If your housemates fail to complete a task, they may not fully understand you or what you expect of them.

A request such as “clean the bathroom” may be a vague request for many. First, tell them what cleaning the bathroom really means or write it down. Your family will then understand what is needed and you will have a better chance of having a job well done.

too little science

This reason is an extension of the previous one. Check with yourself; if you don’t know how to do something, you are also hesitant to start it or you just don’t start it.

Sometimes you forget that some tasks that are very easy for you may be a mystery to the rest of your family. Especially if they are used to you doing this job.

Just as working outside the home has a settling-in period, you also need to “introduce” your children. And maybe your partner too. He may have no idea how household chores are done.
So consider doing the housework together for a few days.

NOTE: DO NOT criticize if you want the plan to succeed.
If you criticize too much, you risk a “workers’ revolution”.

In addition to showing them how to complete certain tasks, show them how to make tasks fun.

there is nothing in return

Does your family have the motivation to clean?

If you are constantly cleaning up their messes for them, the sudden request to help you and take responsibility can come as a shock to them. You can soften this “blow” by wearing it differently.

Even though it’s dwindling now, partly because of the age of the kids and partly because the system is working, I schedule one regularly. family meeting.

As in a company, consultations must take place from time to time.

Everyone’s too busy

If all the members of your family are very busy (work, studies, sports), you may feel embarrassed to “disturb” them with household chores. But are they as busy as you?

Many families today have so much to do, they have so much to do. Consequently, there is no time for other things. Housekeeping isn’t the first priority when it comes to filling your time, but it shouldn’t be the last. Cleaning is the necessary upkeep of your home.

If your family barely has time for this, it’s time to re-evaluate all priorities to make sure the necessary maintenance for your home is included.

However, never forget to include indoor hobbies in your schedule.

Teach your family, especially your children, by making them feel that when they make the effort to turn the house into an oasis of calm, they can better handle the chaos of the outside world.

Rest in your home is peace in your head

From October 17, we will start working together: you with your family and me as a coach!

Let's clean up with the whole family!  Are you in?  - cleaning with the whole family

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Cleaning challenge with the whole family