As a true interior enthusiast, I am lucky to have a house in which we have a lot of space and I can go in all directions. I am currently redecorating the office and decorating the recreation room, trying to create a modern vintage style.

I try to implement this lifestyle by combining modern and vintage and reusing second-hand furniture.

But also by installing new furniture with a vintage look, modern vintage furniture. Later in this article, I will show you what we recently placed in the cold room to further implement the lifestyle.

Modern vintage TV cabinet
Source: BEEP

What is a modern vintage interior?

I will first briefly touch on the modern vintage trend. You could almost think that vintage and modern are at odds with each other, but in recent years it has turned out that these two lifestyles can be combined very well.

When combining vintage objects in a modern interior, it is also mainly about balance.

Choose a quiet base

If you want to combine these lifestyles, choose a quiet base. This also applies to any lifestyles you want to mix.

In this case, our base is modern with a soft look thanks to the use of natural materials. With some vintage items in the office and the recreation room, I will further shape the modern vintage interior style.

So we recently received one vintage tv stand placed in the cold room. This modern TV cabinet has a beautiful vintage look due to the model. But because it is made of oak, it blends very well with the rest of our interior.

We have the combination of concrete, oak wood and black and white details and accessories throughout the house. Alright and some bohemian accessories, let’s not forget those.

modern vintage interior
Here is the TV cabinet of our chill room, we are far from done here. We can always install a new ceiling and we can always lay the floor. But the tiles in the kitchen (extra) also go well with this vintage event, don’t you think?

The vintage elements of our modern interior

This vintage TV cabinet is not the only one we have here. There is still a real used vintage wardrobe that I spotted on Marktplaats. I want to paint this one in soft pastel colors so it fits better.

It’s also modern vintage, isn’t it? Make second-hand furniture more modern by sprucing it up. The design of this closet is already quite vintage, and there will be retro wallpaper, so that’s fine!

Beware of too dark vintage furniture in a modern interior

Although modern and vintage go hand in hand, I will come back to the balance. If you put too much dark vintage furniture in your home, the balance will be thrown in the wrong direction and there will be no cohesion.

In this case, like me, you could choose to add more muted colors by painting the vintage furniture. Of course you have to dare and I would not recommend it with very expensive inheritances.

On the other hand, it is the way to modernize your interior while making it very personal.

An interior with a personal touch, that’s what it’s all about

However you start mixing different lifestyles, make sure you have a personal touch.

Adding a personal atmosphere is quite “easy” with vintage furniture, even in a modern interior. It’s because you feel that older furniture carries a story with it. Even if they are painted.

Adding vintage to your existing interior is therefore a very good idea.

A vintage touch with an old photo collage

I would like to show you an example of combining a modern interior with a vintage touch. I made the photo collage above in our old house. Here too we had a modern and refined interior, but I wanted to add a very personal vintage touch.

I was so happy with it that the pictures all wait until we have completely renovated our hall in the new house. If the room takes on a modern look here, they will have a nice place here again!

Start small if you find it exciting

If you also find it exciting to mix different lifestyles, then this is good advice. Just start small. With a few small accessories you can create a completely different look and thus combine modern and vintage very well.

For example, making such a photo collage as above. Or place a vintage side table in your contemporary interior. Are you used to it and would you like more? Then you added other elements.

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