Iron. Who’s the job for you? I hardly iron anything anymore, especially now that we have non-iron shirts in the closet. Fortunately, because it’s really not my hobby.

Shirts in the closet, who irons them for you?

The shirt is an indispensable element of the man’s wardrobe. Whether he wears them for work or for special occasions, with a shirt you immediately look clean and tidy. But does he also ensure that the shirt is ironed?

non-iron shirts

Keeping shirts clean and wrinkle-free can be a hassle. You are constantly on the move during the day, so wrinkles will appear. Not practical if you have an important presentation at the end of the day! Luckily, these days you have a choice of no-iron shirts.

But even when your shirt has been washed, it’s full of wrinkles. Do you still iron them (what a job, isn’t it)? Or do you steam them with the SteamOne steamer, for example?

Or do you opt for non-iron shirts?

What are non-iron shirts?

The name says it all: these are shirts for you The iron can leave it. The biggest advantage is therefore the saving of time. Plus, you continue to look presentable.

Most shirts are cotton; a natural material with which you can make strong, soft and airy clothes. They are ideal to wear all year round.

On the other hand, cotton fabrics crease quickly.

To counter this, there are different treatments to make the fabric iron-free or “iron-free”. For example, manufacturers may use chemicals, apply a coating, or weave synthetic fibers through.

The quality and life of the shirt depends on the method used.

non-iron shirts, the pros and cons

What are the advantages of non-iron shirts?

You can immediately put on a non-iron shirt without ironing or steaming it first.

Your own body heat makes wrinkles disappear. This also applies to wrinkles that appear during the day. In addition, you can easily pack non-iron shirts in a suitcase.

In particular the stylish shirts from profuomo are suitable for the fashion-conscious man who is always on the go. No matter how quickly you pack your suitcase, you’ll get it out almost wrinkle-free.

Are there any wrinkles? Then you can slightly dampen the shirt and hang it or let it hang in the bathroom while you shower. The wrinkles will soon disappear. Pay particular attention to the washing instructions on the label; thus the quality of your shirt remains optimal.

What are the disadvantages of these shirts?

Non-iron shirts are generally more expensive than regular shirts. It is therefore important to research in advance the brand of shirt you are buying.

It is wise to focus on quality and the right fit. You don’t want to end up with a no-iron shirt that isn’t after a few washes.

In addition, the fabric is less breathable than a normal cotton shirt. This can lead to lingering unpleasant odors in your shirt. Do you notice that? Then The Laundry Story laundry scent can offer a solution!

In rare cases, people may have an allergic reaction to the chemicals used when processing cotton.

Is a no-iron shirt worth it?

It’s a personal question. For example, a man who only wears a shirt a few times a year will feel less of a need to buy a no-iron shirt.

The same cannot be said for someone who wears a shirt almost every day or regularly goes on business trips.

Non-iron shirts are therefore particularly useful for on the go or when you do not have access to an iron or a reliable dry cleaner. But as far as I’m concerned, no-iron shirts are always smart, I think ironing a shirt yourself is too much.

What do you choose?

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