It’s not yet hung, our oak bathroom cabinet, but it’s ready in the shed. In a few weeks we will finally start renovating our bathroom and I am curious to see the big picture with this solid oak bathroom cabinet.

Of course you must, but I would like to discuss the choice of our solid oak bathroom furniture with solid surface basins and give you some tips.

bespoke oak bathroom vanity
oak bathroom cabinet with separate sinks

Oak bathroom furniture according to your own wishes

We had the oak bathroom furniture made to measure. We currently only have a very small sink and would like to design our bathroom as smartly as possible. This works better with a made-to-measure bathroom cabinet than with the standard dimensions that can be found on the internet.

Why oak bathroom furniture?

This choice was not so difficult for us. We have a mix of concrete, black, white and oak wood throughout the house. A solid oak bathroom cabinet fits perfectly into this style and I really like this natural and robust look that an oak bathroom cabinet implies.

An oak cabinet in your bathroom creates a lot of atmosphere. You can also apply it in a country style, but also in an industrial bathroom, a modern bathroom or a more Scandinavian variant. You can go either way with this!

I also think that a solid oak bathroom cabinet really oozes quality and I miss that in a lot of other bathroom furniture. And as far as I’m concerned, you only do a bathroom remodel once. So we do it well!

Such a solid oak vanity unit will last a lifetime.

oak bathroom furniture

How do you combine this piece of furniture?

It is precisely because you combine hard materials like tiles with the soft look of wood that you create the perfect combination.

Think, for example, of a beautiful concrete look tile against the wall or on the floor in combination with a solid oak bathroom cabinet. The concrete look is hard-wearing and the washbasin cabinet offers a soft, natural look that gives your bathroom a feel-good look.

Hang a nice towel rack or a cool design heater on the wall and you are ready to immerse yourself in your very own spa.

oak bathroom cabinet with solid surface washbasin
vanity unit with solid surface vanity top beautifully combined with herringbone flooring

Is oak bathroom furniture resistant to humidity?

We all know that wood and humidity aren’t the best combination on their own. Nevertheless, an oak bathroom cabinet can be used in a humid room such as a bathroom if it is well treated.

Our oak furniture comes from Fine Wood Design and they work very carefully when it comes to processing the oak washbasin cabinet which they custom make there.

Advice for the purchase and maintenance of your vanity unit

Are you looking for real solid oak bathroom furniture? Next, keep a close eye on whether you are really looking at oak furniture.

There are suppliers who sell their bathroom furniture in oak, when in fact they are talking about furniture made of MDF with a layer of veneer. These bathroom cabinets are generally less expensive but certainly not of the same quality as a real oak bathroom cabinet. And not as pretty.

Are you opting for an oak bathroom cabinet with separate basins on it? Be aware that the oak wood at the level of the basins – despite very good treatment – is still more sensitive to stains.

For example, do you dye your hair yourself? So you will no doubt understand that you have to be careful with this hair coloring with your oak bathroom furniture. But it is also better to leave very aggressive cleaning agents.

Because the solid wood surface is more susceptible to stains, we have chosen to make a solid surface top on the entire oak bathroom cabinet. With integrated sinks. With two teenagers in the house, it seems a bit safer to me.

Advantages of solid oak bathroom furniture

  • very solid material
  • Tailor-made to fit perfectly into your existing bathroom
  • can be combined with built-in washbasins or with washbasins
  • you can beautifully combine the oak bathroom furniture with matching shelves for the ultimate match
alcove with oak planks

Tip: Does your bathroom always remain very humid or do you have a lot of humidity “attacks” after showering? Then simply dry your oak bathroom furniture quickly after showering. With a good normal extraction in your bathroom, this is of course not necessary.

Do you have any additional tips for our readers? So leave a comment below!

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