It’s vacation time! Of course you want to relax, but your four-legged friend will also be there. What should you take on vacation with your dog? In this article, we have prepared a list of useful items for a holiday with your Labrador. This way you can be sure that you have everything with you and can start your well-deserved vacation without any worries!

The packing list for your Labrador Retriever going on vacation contains all the important essentials or requirements. Of course, be sure to bring enough food and drink for the road. But what do you need to travel safely by car? And have you thought about medication?

Before going on vacation with your dog

Check the rules in your country of vacation well before you leave to see what vaccinations or other treatments your dog needs to be allowed to travel abroad. Also take into account the countries you might cross. There may also be different rules for transporting your Labrador by country.

What do you need to transport your dog by car?

Whether mandatory or not, it is advisable to secure your Labrador in the car. This way you prevent your dog from sitting in the car and disturbing you while driving. It is also safer for your Labrador to be tethered.

Special seat belt

It can be fixed with a special seat belt. Do you want to prevent your dog from being loose in the car and not having to wear the seat belts? So think of a dog crate for in the car. This way your dog can travel safely in the car.

car holder

In some countries it is mandatory to place a special dog guard in the back of the car. By a universal car holder purchase, you can still continue to use it. Even when you change cars.


Because the weather can sometimes be very nice during the holidays, it is certainly advisable to use good sun protection. Use extra dark sun protection to make it nice and cool and comfortable for your dog in the car.

cooling mat

If it’s really hot on your drive to your vacation destination, you can take a cooling mat with you. Your Labrador can lie there in the cool. And the advantage: you can at your holiday address the cooling mat use it throughout the holidays!

dog toys

To entertain your dog during the car journey, a toy is of course indispensable. Take your Labrador Retriever’s favorite toy with you, but also buy a nice new toy, so that it remains surprising for your dog. Above all Kong’s Toys are very popular with Labradors.

What do you take with you on vacation?

Now that you know how to take your dog safely with you in the car, let’s take a look at what to take with you on your vacation. A handy checklist is below.

  • EU Pet Passport (with microchip number and proof of all vaccinations)
  • Possibly a rabies statement (depending on your country of vacation)
  • Possibly a muzzle (depending on your country of vacation)
  • His collar and harness
  • The belt (and a spare)
  • A stake and a long line
  • Food, treats, snacks and chew bones
  • The basket or his favorite carpet
  • All medications
  • toys
  • Food bowl and drink bowl
  • Dog waste bags
  • Brush and shampoo
  • Tick ​​remover

Because some things are not self-evident, we will briefly explain them.

Declaration of rage and muzzle

When traveling within the EU with your Labrador, a rabies vaccination is mandatory. Vaccination against rabies is not common practice in the Netherlands. Vaccination against rabies is only given when you want to go abroad with your dog. There are different types of vaccines with different validity periods. Please check with your veterinarian. A vaccination against rabies must be carried out at least 21 days before departure. Vaccination against rabies can only be administered from 3 months. In combination with this 21 day rule, a puppy can only go on holiday abroad from 15 weeks. Keep that in mind!

A muzzle is mandatory in some countries. Often the rule of wearing a muzzle in public transport applies, for example in France. But in Italy, your dog must wear a muzzle in all public places. Do your homework before you go on vacation with your dog. You can find muzzles in all shapes and sizes, be sure a good muzzle buy one that fits your Labrador’s muzzle properly.

Ground stake with long line

Many people take their dog camping. Naturally, your Labrador Retriever has been raised well and is a good listener. But to avoid running after your friend because the neighbor’s kids’ football is a bit too fun, it is advisable to bring a ground stake with a long line. This way you don’t have to watch him all the time, but you give your dog plenty of room to move. For example, to find a place in the shade. You can ready-to-use sets buy cheap. This way you are done in one go.

Tick ​​remover

Although we also know ticks in the Netherlands, they are sometimes more common in other countries. Not all tick bites are equally harmful, but they can make your Labrador very sick. Prevention is better than cure in this case. So be sure to take a good tick remover with you on vacation. You have practical setsso you can remove every tick. To prevent your dog from being bitten by a tick, you can also consider purchasing a tick collar. Choose preferably a natural versionpesticide free.


As is often the case in this case: use common sense. You know your dog best. You know exactly what he needs. But keep in mind that you can’t always find everything in stores as easily as in the Netherlands when you’re on vacation. Make sure you are well prepared for your trip and make sure you have everything to hand.

This way you ensure that you and therefore your four-legged friend go on vacation relaxed. And then it’s just pure pleasure. Happy Holidays!