If you are planning to organize a party, it may have occurred to you to make it a real themed party. There are many options when it comes to choosing a theme, from a Sinterklaas theme with pet costumes at an Oktoberfest. You just need to have a few clear ideas on how to organize an adult theme party.

Step 1

If we want a theme that appeals to everyone, we may have to spend some time thinking about it before choosing. We have to think about the age group of the guests and take into account their tastes and preferences. They’re definitely different people, but use the common interests of the group you’re partying with as inspiration when choosing the party theme.

2nd step

Some ideas that always seem to work well at adult parties are themed parties based on historical eras (60s, Roman, medieval, etc.). You can also opt for films, music groups or even cartoon characters. An Oktoberfest theme with lederhosen is also very popular!

Step 3

The most important thing is that all guests know that this is a theme party. To this end, we must make the invitation cards in time for them to choose the perfect outfit. It’s a good idea to make the invitation cards according to the theme we finally choose. For example, images and typography should be consistent.

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Step 4

You are the host, so your attire should be exemplary. Try to get the best, most original and elaborate costume. The success of this an event It’s up to you, so whether it’s a 1970s party, a hippie party, or a Hawaiian party, your mission is to step into the role as best you can.

Step 5


If you want your theme party to be 100% unique and real, you can get the best foods and drinks that also match the theme. For this task, the Internet can be an excellent source of knowledge. Search online for a good themed menu, you may find surprising results! A good option is to make cupcakes with themed frosting or even cakes with a fondant cover that represents the chosen theme.

Step 6

Finally, do not forget the most important: the decoration. You can continue to search the Internet or watch movies on the chosen topic. A good idea is also to set up a photo booth to reinforce the chosen theme; your guests then have a memory of your party and can even put it online.