More and more companies are launching an online store. Sending parcels is part of an online store. It is important that the products are not broken or damaged during transport. Of course, you don’t want unhappy customers. We inform you about four products that offer additional protection when sending your package. Curious to know what products these are? So read quickly!

A filling material

The word says it all: filler material is the material with which to fill your package. By using filler material, you prevent the product from slipping in your packaging during transport. Filling material can be found in different types. The most commonly used types are filler chips, filler paper, and shredded paper. In addition to the filler material providing protection, it is often very beautiful. Choose a nice color of paper shreds or have your company name or logo printed on filler paper.

Air pockets

Filling packages with air pockets is becoming more and more common. Air pockets provide the perfect opportunity to ensure your product stays firmly in place. Just make sure you continue to pack your shipments efficiently and don’t just fill a big box with air bags. It often happens that someone orders something small and it ends up being delivered in a box that is way too big. Therefore, always check first if it is possible to send the product in a smaller package and add some airbags. This way you avoid unnecessary use.

Foam profiles

Foam profiles are mainly used when shipping bulky products or a large quantity of products. Pallets are often used for shipments of products from one company to another. For example, a large product or a large number of products can be shipped in a simple way. The disadvantage is that a shipment on a pallet is generally more likely to be damaged during transport. By using foam profiles, you can keep the damage to a minimum.

bubble wrap

Bubble wrap, also called bubble wrap, is widely used to protect fragile products. But of course it can also be used for other products. An advantage of bubble wrap is that it is very flexible and lightweight. In addition, the film can completely enclose all products and prevent dust and moisture. Bubble wrap is a relatively inexpensive protective product and can often be reused. A sustainable alternative!

Protect your product

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