A PVC floor is now an indispensable part of the living environment. The quality of these floors has improved enormously in recent years, making them increasingly popular. A PVC floor in your apartment (with or without underfloor heating) is certainly one of the options.

But if you want to install a PVC floor in your apartment, you need to take into account a number of things. Below you can read more about the how, what and why.

laying pvc floor in apartment

Noise pollution in an apartment

The risk of noise pollution is higher in an apartment. And with this noise pollution (when it comes to floors like a PVC floor in an apartment) we can think of two forms of nuisance:

  1. Nuisance due to walking noise
  2. Nuisance due to contact noise

1. Walking noise

Walking noise refers to the sound you make when you walk on your floor. For example, if you opt for a hard floor in your apartment, you will cause much more footfall noise than with a soft floor. Consider, for example, laminate versus carpet.

Of course, you can agree with yourself that you never keep your shoes indoors. But you also get visitors sometimes, don’t you?

A PVC floor in your apartment is an excellent floor against footsteps. However, there are a few things you should pay attention to when buying your PVC floor. I’ll tell you more later. First, an explanation of contact noise.

2. Impact noise

Contact noise is actually the form of noise nuisance that many people overlook. Whether they have a PVC floor in the apartment or, for example, a laminate floor or carpet.

Contact noise is created with soft ground. Whether you have a laminate floor or a clip-on PVC floor, both are loose.

And a loose floor causes vibrations when you walk on it. With such a floor, each step causes vibrations. And if you don’t have a good subfloor, those will always be felt by the neighbors downstairs.

Tips for a PVC floor in your apartment

Now that you know how important it is to pay attention to (possible) noise pollution when choosing a floor, it is good to know that a PVC floor today has good sound absorption qualities. Therefore, you can completely install a PVC floor in an apartment.

Nevertheless, it is important to keep an eye on a number of guidelines if you want to use this floor in your apartment.

What can be the sound in an apartment compared to the ground?

There are rules for noise pollution when it comes to floors in an apartment. For example, the standard according to the Dutch Noise Abatement Foundation is 10 dB when it comes to an underlay. This means that the subfloor must provide a minimum noise reduction of 10dB.

However, there are also VVEs that place higher demands on a subfloor. So always check your apartment contract and the VVE first to find out what your PVC floor subfloor in your apartment must meet. To prevent problems.

Does a PVC floor in your apartment meet the noise standard?

Fortunately, it often happens that a PVC floor in your apartment, with a good subfloor, meets the 10dB standard, because in principle a PVC floor is a low-noise floor.

We also notice this ourselves with our PVC floor in the house. Although it is a PVC click floor, it is very quiet thanks to the good quality subfloor. So look next affordable PVC floors also to the quality of the PVC floor.

This quiet floor ensures that we are not disturbed by footsteps in the house when someone enters with shoes and would therefore also be very suitable for an apartment.

Advantages of PVC flooring in your apartment

And of course a PVC floor has other advantages, not just for your apartment but always. These are modern floors with many different styles and patterns available.

You can imitate a wooden floor with a PVC floor in your apartment, but also a concrete look floor, or for example lay a beautiful floor in herringbone pattern. Ideal.

In addition, a PVC floor is very easy to maintain and clean. It is enough to pass the mop from time to time with a slightly damp mop.

Would you like a PVC floor in your apartment with underfloor heating?

That can! You can perfectly combine a PVC floor with underfloor heating in your apartment, so that you have a very comfortable floor that provides a lot of comfort.

In fact, a PVC floor is actually the best option to install with underfloor heating in an apartment. Indeed, tiles or (natural) stone do not meet the noise standard for an apartment, unlike PVC.

In addition, a PVC floor conducts the heat of an underfloor heating very well, so that it can be nice and warm in the house without noise disturbance for the neighbors below.

Do it yourself or have a PVC floor laid?

We laid our PVC floor ourselves, but in an apartment I think I would choose to do so. Not least because you have to comply with noise standards here and it may be better to choose a PVC floor tile.

In any case, always be well informed when making your choice by a specialist such as martijndewitvloeren.nl. This way you can shift the blame to those in the know and avoid having to remove the PVC floor in your apartment from the VVE later.

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