The temperature has dropped and summer seems officially over. Now that the sky is once again filled with dark clouds and the trees are slowly shedding their leaves, it’s the perfect time to prepare your interior for the shorter, darker days ahead. Ambient lighting is welcome to keep it cozy.

When the weather becomes a little more gloomy, we go out less and therefore we see less daylight. Good interior lighting is therefore essential. However, this lighting can often be smarter and above all simpler. With these handy lights and systems, it’s nice to come home this winter.

Easy to tell you

Ambient lighting

When you think of mood lighting for your home, you might not immediately think of rail systems. Yet these are not to be missed in a modern interior. For example, consider a URail light rail system on the ceiling, with which you hang LED spotlights and pendant lights throughout the house. This system is ideal if you are looking for even room lighting, accent lighting for walls and paintings, or want an easy way to hang pendant lights above the kitchen counter.

The advantage of such track lighting is that you can decide for yourself how much lighting you want to hang and in which direction the light goes. Monotone? No way! The URail rail system from Paulmann is available in white, matt black or matt chrome and can be connected to 38 different spotlights with different beam angles, 5 LED panels for uniform and wide basic illumination and up to ten different pendant lights . With this you can endlessly combine with the URail system.

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Pendant lamps above the kitchen cabinet or the dining table

Ambient lighting

When you walk into a room in the dark, you want the room to be fully lit with just a flick of the switch. Hanging lamps are therefore ideal for lighting a large room, as they diffuse the light into the room from above.

In addition, hanging lamps are often height adjustable, so you can play with the effect and mood. This makes these types of lamps ideal for places where you want to create atmosphere using lots of light. Consider, for example, the space above the kitchen cabinet when cooking or above the dining table for dinner.

The pendant lamps are easy to connect to the Urail system and are available in all kinds of styles, with or without lampshades. This makes pendant lamps the focal point of every room. Pendant lamps are available in different colors and styles.

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Scandinavian of course!

Ambient lighting

Do you like calm, simplicity and functionality inside? The lamps of the Nordic trend are inspired by Scandinavia and combine modern design, current trendy colors and natural materials. The use of concrete, marble and real wood from sustainable forestry make each lamp an eye-catcher. They give the interior a special charm.

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Trendy black design

Ambient lighting

Who from a lake industrial and modern look home chooses lamps from the Puric Pane collection. The lamps from the Puric Pane trend have a modern, subtle design in a trendy black. With flexible placement in a living room, study, hallway or bedroom, dimmable lamps offer innovative lighting effects. Combine the latest techniques with a fantastic look and create radiant highlights.

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Mood lighting spotlights for large spaces

Ambient lighting

To illuminate the living room as comfortably as possible, but also as functionally as possible, it is important to combine different lamps with different lighting properties.

Rail systems are very suitable for this, as different lamps can easily be connected. The greater the beam angle of a lamp, the brighter the room is lit.

Spotlights with an extra wide beam angle, like the Circle, ensure that as large an area as possible is evenly lit. Spotlights with a wide beam angle are therefore ideal for illuminating furniture, living room walls or kitchen cabinets, for example.

Spotlights with a narrow beam angle, such as the Zeusare more suitable for highlighting an object or if you want to create certain accents, such as highlighting a beautiful painting.

Finally – and perhaps less well known – many mood lights can also be created using LED panels. It may seem a little uncomfortable at first, but LED panels such as the Walking they give off a pleasant diffused light, which brings a lot of atmosphere into the room.

About Paulmann

Paulmann is a German family business specializing in the production and distribution of lamps and lighting systems, with which you can realize your own lighting ideas. Paulmann offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor (solar) lighting and the best known product is the URail light rail system, which you can use throughout the house. LED spotlights and pendant lights can hang up.

It offers the unique possibility of lighting entire rooms with a single electrical connection to the ceiling. These types of systems have long been popular with lighting designers and interior designers.

For home and garden lighting solutions, energy saving technology. Simple assembly, modern technology, high-quality materials and the beautiful appearance of the products allow you to fully enjoy the lighting in and around the house. With more than 300 new products per year, Paulmann ensures an always up-to-date product range.

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