More and more people are discovering the benefits of getting around by scooter, especially if they live in the city. Many of you already know the benefits of riding on two wheels, but if you are one of those people who are considering getting into this industry, Grandlife would like to remind you of the top 10 benefits of using a scooter around town.

1. Say goodbye to traffic jams

The first thing that comes to mind is the time savings of getting around a big city on a scooter. Saying goodbye to rush hour traffic jams is one of the reasons why many users are ditching the car and opting for a scooter. They are agile and can access certain restricted areas and special lanes. Being able to leave home with the exact time to get to work without worrying about the number of minutes you will spend on the road is a luxury not to be missed.

2. Price and ease of use

Getting around on two wheels is also a respite for our wallets and it is that although the price range is wide, buying a scooter can be much cheaper. And that’s not all, and it is that the maintenance costs or consumption (less fuel needed) are also much lower than those of a four-wheeled vehicle.

3. Greater autonomy than a bicycle

It is true that the advantages of many of the previous points can also be satisfied with a bicycle. However, it is clear that with a scooter we can move much faster than with a bicycle and with less physical effort. On the other hand, you can circulate in a wider radius with a scooter than with a bicycle, because when you leave the center the lanes are generally not clear for this.

4. They are less polluting

electric scooter

According ADD ME, the French environment agency, motorcycles and scooters emit 50% less carbon dioxide than other motorized vehicles. Two-wheelers also contribute to a 50-70% reduction in traffic jams, which means a significant reduction in emissions of polluting particles into the atmosphere. Therefore, many cities do not apply traffic restrictions to two-wheelers and allow their mobility in the city center or in low-emission zones.

5. Ease of use

Two-wheelers, and especially scooters, are really easy to drive. Who doesn’t know how to ride a bike? With a few practical lessons and a knowledge of city traffic rules, you should be able to ride a scooter with ease. Scooters have no gears and the brakes are mounted on the handlebars like bicycles, but mounted upside down.

6. Maintain social distancing

Another effect of the pandemic is the fear of crowds. Consequently, this situation has led many users to abandon crowded public transport to move around by scooter, ensuring social distancing. In addition, the use of the full face helmet frees us from wearing the mask because its structure can protect us. on helmonline fortunately, you can find good quality helmets. Know that there is one helmet mandatory for light mopeds from 2023!

7. Say goodbye to looking for a parking space

red vespa scooter

Another way to save time and increase our comfort with the scooter is the ease of parking. Big cities are prepared for anyone who gets around on two wheels, and many of them allow scooters to be parked on sidewalks. This allows us to forget all the time wasted looking for a parking space.

8. High load capacity

Even though it’s not like a car trunk, one of the most important things about scooters is their load capacity due to the space under the seat. It usually fits a helmet, gloves, any documents for the scooter or whatever else you need to take with you. Some scooters also have a small glove box, which provides additional storage space.

9. Individual mobility

In addition to saving time in traffic jams and finding a parking space, mobility by scooter means gaining absolute independence. You are then no longer dependent on public transport, strikes or renovation works that so often occur in a metro or train station.

10. More fun


Only those who have ridden a scooter know the feeling of freedom and pleasure it provides. A scooter can also be great fun in your free time. Especially in summer !