When choosing a bathroom cabinet, you will face a number of problems. Consider, for example, the type of furniture, color combinations, material and sink top. Do you want separate bowls or, for example, a solid surface sink? Or rather a solid surface double basin?

We have now made these choices and I would like to explain to you below the material and the reasons why we opted for an oak bathroom vanity unit with a solid surface vanity top.

bathroom cabinet with solid surface washbasin

Bathroom cabinet with solid surface washbasin

Despite being a relatively new material, you’ve probably heard of a solid surface sink. But do you also know what the advantages of these sinks are? In this article you can find out all about these special sinks.

What is this type of sink made of?

A solid surface sink is a plastic sink, among others. But in reality, it is a type of cast stone composed of natural minerals, acrylic, resin and polyester. A compound.

The combination of these materials creates a type of solid stone that you can use to make a solid surface sink.

But you can do so much more with it! The design possibilities are endless. From the very special to the single solid surface double sink with all-in-one countertop.

Material of the solid surface sink

The material that the solid surface sink is made of is strong, durable, stain resistant and can be produced in all sorts of different colors and designs. By adding pigments you can get all sorts of different colors.

Due to the durability of the material, solid surface bathroom products also last a long time.

Despite the fact that the solid surface is a durable and scratch-resistant material, occasionally a scratch may occur. Not just like that, but if you want to deliberately damage the solid surface, you can. The big advantage of solid surface, however, is that it is very easy to repair.

Look here if you want to know more solid surface and the possibilities.

Easy to maintain

In addition, the material is also hygienic and easy to maintain. A solid surface sink (or any other piece of furniture for that matter) has no pores in which dirt can get stuck. As a result, the sinks remain beautiful for a long time and cleaning them does not require much work.

In fact, cleaning with a damp cloth is enough! And if you also use a water softener at home, you have almost nothing to clean 😉 .

The look of a solid surface sink

We can actually be very brief on this, but I still want to say a few words about it. The appearance of a solid surface washbasin is really very chic.

The high quality of the material is reflected in the appearance of the product. Most solid surface sinks you see today have a matte white look. But as said, you can also get other colors.

The fact remains that – if you go for the standard colors – you’ll probably pay a bit less than for a completely custom product and design.

solid surface sink

And now our reasons for a solid surface washbasin

The above advantages of a solid surface sink may already be decisive enough for you. But if you still have doubts about, for example, this material or such a trendy natural stone washbasin on your washbasin? Then read my reasons for a solid surface double sink below.

Teenagers in the bathroom

For me, our teenagers are the main reason for choosing a solid surface vanity top. By that I mean a solid surface double sink and countertop (with shelf) in one.

How beautiful I also find a natural stone washbasin as a washbasin, on a wooden top. It’s not for us.

I can totally see it. After the complete renovation of the bathroom, we are finally ready and we have a nice room where we can take a good shower. Our own “spa”. But don’t forget that the piece is also used for brushing your teeth, applying make-up, removing make-up, drying your hair and much more.

Especially brushing my teeth and putting on makeup is a thorn in my side with teenagers. There’s toothpaste and washable cotton pads full of makeup residue everywhere. No matter how beautiful your washbasin with wooden top is, with us daily use will cause it to look a little less beautiful after six months.

I can already see the water rings on the sink counter if it’s not solid surface. And yes, I also try to make deals with my teenagers to keep the bathroom tidy, etc. But I already know that won’t happen.

So: choose your battles! I don’t want to fight every day. That’s why we opted for a beautiful solid surface washbasin with washbasins in one. This makes the whole thing very resistant to adolescent behavior!

Unfortunately I can’t show you a picture yet, because we haven’t finished yet, but I hope we’ll be there in a few weeks!

Dirty edges under your sink

I am not a master polisher. I do what needs to be done (sometimes I don’t), but certainly no more. And the idea of ​​there being sinks on my worktop with inaccessible edges to clean them, I don’t like that.

I prefer to wipe everything with a damp cloth and do something else. Instead of poking with a skewer to get the dirt under the sink today 😉 .

Do you have a solid surface sink at home? And if so, how do you like it?

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