The calendar already points to June. The chances of good summer and therefore warm weather increase. In the morning you often already have the sun in your house, so it warms up early. For us humans, it’s not a big deal, but dogs don’t handle this heat very well. Towards the end of the day, you will no longer see your four-legged friend actively running around the house or garden. But with a little help from you as an owner, you can help your Labrador get through the hot days. Read on to find out what you can do to keep your dog cool.

Dogs can only sweat through the soles of their feet. Contrary to what you yourself will notice, we humans sweat from all sorts of places. Because a dog can only lose excess heat through the soles of his feet, it is difficult for him to regulate his temperature. You will therefore see your Labrador panting a lot on long hot days. But when it’s really hot, even panting doesn’t help. Then it’s your turn and you’ll have to lend your dog a helping hand!

Prepare a good ice cream for your Labrador

Yes, it may sound strange, but just like people, dogs love to cool off. Besides the fact that it has a cooling effect, it is often also tasty for them. You can easily make dog ice cream yourself. Use these plastic ice cream holders or just ice cube trays. Do you want to complicate the task of your Labrador a little? Then fill in the Kong with some treats and put it in the freezer for a few hours. This way your dog has a treat, you keep him busy with brain play, and you cool him down right away! As a filling, you can choose yogurt or quarter. You can also add banana pieces. You can also hide small dog treats in it. It’s really hot and you want to cool down your Labrador quickly? Then just give him an ice cube of normal water.

Provide a cool place

Is it very hot in the house? Then consider buying a fan and turning it on in the house. Plan a safe place where your Labrador won’t be able to reach it and can also lie down a good distance in front of it, so that it doesn’t get too cold. In the garden you can work with parasols, shade cloths or awnings. A damp towel can also work well. But it’s even better to have one designed specifically for dogs. cooling mat utilize. These are often filled with water or special gel and can be cooled in the fridge or freezer.

Do not take long walks with your Labrador

It may go without saying, but we mention it here anyway. You can walk your Labrador Retriever on hot days. But choose a good time (for example in the morning or in the evening) when it is less hot. Be sure to adjust the distance and choose a shady environment. In any case, do not walk on hot asphalt! Your dog can be seriously injured. Also, the scorching sun on the fur is definitely not recommended. All things to consider.

Water fun! Provide a swimming pool or a sprinkler

This is of course a very simple method but perhaps also the most pleasant for your Labrador and your owner. A swimming pool can be something as simple as a plastic container that your four-legged friend can play in. Of course you can also have one swimming pool for dogs buy to end the party. Your dog is not yet a real water rat? So have fun toys which can be used in water. We bet that your Labrador will not resist the temptation of a swim? If you don’t have a bath, you can also play with the garden sprinkler. Many dogs also like it very much and it immediately provides a cooling effect. Watch out for water poisoning. Because dogs tend to drink and swallow water, they can quickly get too much water. You can usually recognize it by restless behavior and vomiting. If you experience these symptoms, contact your veterinarian immediately and tell them that your dog has probably consumed too much water.

Feed with lots of high humidity

A dog needs water every day. One Labrador will drink more water than the other. But every dog ​​is thirsty on hot days! So make sure there is enough water available for your dog.

Does your Labrador normally get dry food? So he’ll probably be a little thirstier than usual on these hot days. To maintain the humidity level, you may also consider temporarily supplementing with wet food. Some dog owners even change completely in the summer, but it depends on how your dog reacts to the change.

Enjoy the nice weather together!

With these tips, you can enjoy the good weather together. As with everything, the same applies here: use common sense. And pay special attention to your Labrador, you know him best.

Watch out for pests!

The summer months are ideal months for pests in the wild. Flowers, plants and bushes are in full bloom, the grass is beautiful and green, and the temperature is high. The perfect conditions for ticks and mites, for example. Add to that the fact that your dog is probably outside more often than usual and you need to be careful. However, you can protect your dog well against ticks and mites. Think of a special necklaceliquid on the spot drops or chewable tablets.