Worthy of a chef or rather nice? However you cook, it’s all about doing it with love. It also means minimizing energy and food waste in the kitchen. In short; sustainable kitchen. With these tools and tips, this winter is a breeze.

BergHOFF products ensure that ingredients get the best preparation and are served in style. Store leftovers in the handy storage containers, because whoever keeps what has something.

The doggy bag in 2022

Sustainable kitchen

This one multipurpose bowls from the LEO collection can be used to store, transport and serve leftovers. The silicone lid has a built-in air vent for microwave use and a clear center that lets you see exactly what’s in each bowl. Dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. 100% BPA free, plastic.

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The forgotten vegetable

Sustainable kitchen

Did you know that the green of a bunch of carrots, also known as carrot tops, is also delicious? It’s a shame to throw and thinly cut in an instant with this one grass trimmers. You can even make soup and pesto from it or use it in a dish. Thanks to the curves of this moon-shaped trimmer and the accompanying board, you can easily finely chop greens and herbs. Need a little rosemary or thyme? Simply insert the twigs into one of the four holes, pull them through and chop the fallen herbs onto the cutting board.

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For the cake on the go

Sustainable kitchen

A chocolate cake, banana muffins or a crispy pizza: you can create lots of delicious things with this GEM carbon steel baking dish. Thanks to the lightweight carbon steel, high-quality non-stick coating and grid lines, misfires are a thing of the past. Do you want to keep and/or take your creations with you? No problem, everything stays fresh thanks to the lid which also has folding handles.

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Functional and beautiful

Sustainable kitchen

Tasty juicy meat or a fluffy vegetable dish? Save 2-3 times more energy by using the (correct) lid on the pan. The advantage of these ovals cast iron pot with lid is that it also looks good on the table, so food stays hot longer and you save on washing up. With its minimalist black exterior, this stock pot immediately adds a stylish touch to your dining table. The wide handle ensures a secure grip, even when wearing oven mitts or using potholders.

Sustainable kitchen

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