Good health is essential to function optimally.
A healthy lifestyle naturally contributes to this. As everyone knows, a healthy lifestyle involves sufficient physical activity and careful attention to your diet. But there are also other ways to promote a healthy lifestyle. One of these ways is to use pomander. These stylish devices help you relax at home in a healthy way.

What is an aroma diffuser?

Before explaining exactly how it works, we will first explain what an aroma diffuser actually is. An aroma diffuser diffuses atomized water in combination with essential oils. You can see and smell it as soon as the aroma diffuser is turned on. You see aroma diffusers appearing in more and more interiors. This is due to the many benefits of aroma diffusers.

The benefits of an aroma diffuser

  1. Diffusers in combination with essential oils give your mood a positive boost
  2. Diffusers increase the humidity in the house
  3. Diffusers enrich your interior
  4. Diffusers deliver wonderful scents

1. Aroma diffusers in combination with essential oils give your mood a positive boost

An aroma diffuser works with water and essential oils. These oils, straight from nature, have a strong fragrance. For example, if you choose lavender, your home will naturally smell like lavender. It can have an effect on your mood. For example, some people think of their wonderful vacation in France. This automatically creates a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

In short, it works like this: you breathe in the oils through your nose. The receptors in your nose are in contact with your brain. Your brain then identifies the smell. This in turn creates a certain feeling. Mandarin, for example, provides a sense of security and tranquility.

Essential oils in combination with an aroma diffuser are often used to relax, promote sleep or increase concentration. It has a positive effect on a healthy lifestyle. The possibilities here are of course endless. To help you on your way, you can find a handy overview here the effect of our essential oils.

2. Aroma diffusers increase the humidity in the house

Diffuser Dreamy Silver - Happy Cloud-min

Too low humidity in the house can have unpleasant consequences. It increases the risk of dry skin, chapped lips or eye and respiratory tract irritation. Especially in winter, when the heating is on, the humidity in the house is usually too low.

In addition to benefiting from good humidity in your home, your furniture and plants will also benefit. Your plants grow better while avoiding damage to your furniture and/or wooden floor.

Aroma diffusers increase humidity because they diffuse atomized water. In addition, they purify the ambient air by reducing airborne allergens. A healthy upgrade to your interior!

3. Diffusers enrich your interior

Along with all the tasty and healthy benefits of a diffuser, they are also an eye-catcher in your home. In the context where 1 picture is worth more than 1000 words, judge for yourself:

Happy cloud dazzling diffuser in living room-min

4. Aroma diffusers deliver wonderful scents

And last but certainly not least: Aroma diffusers diffuse wonderful scents in your home. You feel this immediately. This also makes them extremely suitable as a healthy home fragrance. Ideal for perfuming your interior, but also for masking unpleasant odors, for example.