When the winter cold sets in, there’s nothing better than sinking into a cozy armchair after a long day.
Whether you’re a fan of modern pieces or prefer a more traditional option, choosing the perfect chair to suit your style, comfort and space isn’t always easy.
It pays to consider a number of important things before buying what can often be a showpiece. So sit back and read on as we share our top tips for choosing the perfect recliner.

1. Who will use the chair?

First you need to think about the main use. Is it designed as an extra seat in your living room when you have visitors, or perhaps as a relaxing space to read a book. Or do you just want to add a decorative element to your living room by means of a robust armchair for example?
If you’re primarily looking for comfort, make sure you have an idea of ​​what features you like, like arm height, back height, or if you need a built-in footrest.
There isn’t just one style of recliner – in fact, the recliner market is full of everything from wingback chairs and low back chairs to rocking chairs and chunky block shapes. . Each style has its own genre and its own perfect setting, so when buying a chair, make sure it’s fit for purpose and think about where you want it and how it fits there. will place.

2. Consider the space you have

If space is limited, there are many options to meet your needs. Armchairs with thin arms and exposed legs can make a room feel spacious and seem larger, while an armchair with very deep seats or wide, rounded arms can feel too big and heavy in a small space. .
If you’re really short on space, you can use a chair big enough for two, called a loveseat, instead of a two-seater or full-size sofa, which takes up more room.
Before you buy, make sure you’re up to snuff and that your new chair fits both your style and the space you want.

3. Browse different designs to find the one that best suits your home

cognac armchair high back reclining position

There are countless styles of recliners, from a recliner to a straight woven rattan, you probably have a vision in mind of the type of recliner you want.
If you choose something heavy, you will need to find a permanent home for it, as moving it around your living room won’t be easy if it’s bulky and takes up a lot of space. While something lighter can be easily moved around depending on your needs.

4. Consider practicality and explore different fabrics

While a chair should last for many years, the type of fabric you choose will make a difference to its longevity. Consider your lifestyle and choose a fabric that suits it – if you have young children or pets, you may need something sensible and practical, like washable leather or washable covers, while that a fabric armchair may be better suited to an adult bedroom.

5. Don’t be afraid to have fun with color and fabric

dark gray leather armchair

The options for colors, fabrics and patterns are truly limitless, but when choosing your perfect chair, consider choosing something that complements rather than matches your sofa, which can make a room more interesting and creative. With an armchair you can be creative and add something more daring.
You can go for a pretty orange velvet, a cozy throw or even a vibrant print, picking something you really love that reflects your personality, but you wouldn’t dare use for a big sofa.