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That said, let’s take a look at five roughly $5,000 used cars we’ve seen over the past week:

1.Mitsubishi L200

The Mitsubishi L200 is a pickup truck. You’re not wrong if you accidentally call it a ute and you’re understood, only pedants correct you accordingly. And we emphasize precisely these pedants. The Mitsubishi L200 is a pickup truck that has a ladder frame to which the body is bolted, which is completely untrue. It also has more than two doors and, frankly, there’s nothing car-ish about its ride.

But yeah, nobody in Australia makes utes anymore. And that’s why you can’t find them in every place people think they can put on an Aussie accent. I’m looking at you, Karl Urban. This leaves, as we said at the beginning, a van. It does a lot of things, usually in a worse and less comfortable way than a real car. But sometimes there is a specific need (or at least a specific mental gymnastics) that convinces you that you need it. And we found an L200 in the budget, so that’s probably good enough. Which then allows you to build your own like Wookie did for Namibia, even if you never get past Newbury.

2. Citroen Cactus

Why exactly Citroën decided to name such a quirky and useful little car after a tough, thorny plant that grows in one of the deadliest landscapes the world has to offer is something to ponder at leisure. . Just like calling something ‘cactus’ in Australia is equivalent to ‘stuffed’ or ‘banjaxed’. Wow, things must break down there very often. Wat veel gemakkelijker te achterhalen is, is wat de Citroen Cactus biedt – een kleine SUV, zonder de existentiële angst en ennui die de gemiddelde automobilist omhult als hij pech krijgt en zijn middelen moet gebruiken om een ​​vervoermiddel te kopen dat met moeite over een middenberm zou to roll.

Jokes about statistics, people. That’s how hard we find it to talk about SUVs. Fortunately, the Cactus is an absolute outlier (OK, that joke apparently still has legs) – it’s lightweight, comfortable, perfect for all the things it’s actually going to be used for, and perfectly free of any pretensions it’s going to be used for. used camping on the other side of a North Face catalog.

3.BMW 330d Touring

There you have it: the mobile dad for every dad young enough to know where the diaper bag is, which stuffed animal is your kids’ favorite and how to fold the stroller with one hand, while holding said bag, the plush and brood. . And all topped off with what you hope is some golden mashed banana. And maybe also to know exactly what we mean when we say that the nursery is just a petri dish, and that gastroenteritis can go straight to the bowels of hell – because ours are completely exhausted . OK, that one might be a little specific.

Either way, owning an E91 330d Touring will be a lot like…well, the experiences of most young family dads. Like moving forward much faster than he expected, being more exhausted than anyone likes to admit, immediately filled to the brim with things he didn’t know he needed and often a mystifying price. And above all something without which he cannot imagine. Daddy loves you, champ.

4. Ford Fiesta diesel

You can almost hear it. “A small diesel sedan? you ask. “If I wanted sensitivity, I probably wouldn’t ask here – no offense.” No problem, mister minion. We know it’s a little different from our usual “Buy a Jensen, an old Land Rover and a Japanese Kei car – and don’t forget to steer a Chimera through a hedge at least once in your life”. But sometimes life is so much better when it’s not interesting.

So yes, we know. Oh, we know. A small diesel hatchback – even one this happy and too good for all the handling – is hardly what you’d use to lure the Stig out of hibernation. The Fiesta TDCi isn’t something you buy out of rage and then try to put aside its slapping engine noise; it’s a car you buy because it takes some joy out of the absolute decision you’ve made in the market for a diesel sedan.

If we recall correctly (never guaranteed), the official bumf said the little diesel Fiesta could do something like 80 miles per gallon. The best we could get was more like 60 mpg. But 60 miles per gallon is next to nothing to sneeze at, especially right now. Well, to cut to the chase, it’s probably best not to despise anything or anyone these days. Contribute and so on.

5.Mercedes Benz W126

Yes, it’s the sedan that seemed to only exist as someone else’s dad’s good car. The one he never went to the supermarket with, the one he didn’t let anyone eat in, the one who remained miraculously clean even in winter. It’s also the Bluth family car – which you probably wouldn’t try to emulate, admittedly – where even there, in the land of the wildly funny sitcom, the W126 S-Class rules applied. Well, for a while then. Whatever the connotations, it’s still an S-Class from the days when Benz built cars that were largely flawless. It is still designed by Mercedes leader Bruno Sacco. And it has so many modern features – pretensioners, crumple zones, airbags, ABS, traction control, electric memory seats, air conditioning and a fuel-injected V8 – that it’s easy to forget how old the W126 is. So the W126 is a classic car with modern amenities — but it’s not a restomod. And, as you may have gathered, it doesn’t cost any rest money – we found one for the princely sum of €3,500. If you don’t have €3500 on you right now, remember: there’s always money in the banana stand.