One of the new ways to diversify your financial portfolio is real estate crowdfunding. Popular with investors of all ages and interests, crowdfunding platforms make it easier than ever to invest in real estate projects, no matter the size of your budget. It’s a great way to diversify your wealth with minimal upfront investment and expand into the world of homeownership and rental. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at real estate crowdfunding as a form of online investing and give you a little primer on what you should at least know before you start.

What exactly is real estate crowdfunding?

Real estate crowdfunding is the process by which the public donates money or seed capital to finance a new real estate project. It is an Internet-based financing method that allows investors to publish their investment projects on the Internet and project promoters to communicate their concepts directly to potential investors.

Real estate developers can obtain financial support for current or future real estate investments by raising funds from people with similar interests. This includes opportunities such as residential or commercial businesses, including the development of new residential, commercial or office space, or partial ownership of existing businesses. Reasons to invest in real estate crowdfunding include better diversification of assets and investment portfolios, small seed capital opportunities, multi-party risk sharing, access to unique and exclusive investment opportunities and the ability to own a portfolio of residential and commercial properties. Properties. Finally, you have access to the real estate market without the need to maintain and manage it personally “physically”.

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The main advantages and disadvantages of real estate crowdfunding

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By far, the best advantage of crowdfunding is that investors don’t need large amounts of capital and there is huge potential for return on investment. Moreover, with real estate crowdfunding, you can invest in the real estate market without even touching a brick! With a crowdfunded real estate project you choose an efficient project promoter who manages everything.

The biggest risk and downside of crowdfunding is putting investors’ money into an unknown company or organization with little financial history. As a result, investors could lose all their invested money. The combination of the relative newness of the concept and the lack of formal industry regulation means that any team can come up with a project without the proper ethics or skills to handle the money raised. It is therefore important that you thoroughly research the team behind the project.