Love ’em or hate ’em: ugly Christmas sweaters! But anyway, they sure are funny. And it gives a nice Christmas atmosphere, doesn’t it? Now it’s time for an article on ugly Christmas sweaters for kids, following the Ugly Christmas Sweater and Ugly Christmas Dress blogs!

So we are happily looking for the wrong Christmas sweater for your son or daughter. Don’t like to do your Christmas shopping with all the bells ringing all around you? Don’t panic, because here we show you the most beautiful ugly Christmas sweaters for children that you can buy online or… that you can make yourself!

ugly christmas sweater for kids

The Story of the Ugly Christmas Sweater

They can’t be dragged around these days, but in fact, bad Christmas sweaters have been around for quite a long time. The idea dates back to the 1950s, when American consumers started buying them in droves.

The sweaters were a nod to grandmothers’ (or mothers’) self-knit sweaters for Christmas. Since the 1980s, even clumsier things have been added, like lights on the corner or a sweater overflowing with Christmas characters.

Well, the rest is history and the sweater has been completely warm again for several years and you can’t really participate without the bad Christmas sweater. Also check out movies with the wrong Christmas sweaters, like Bridget Jones 😉 .

Make your own Christmas sweater for you or your child

Now, it’s kind of silly to always call it an ugly Christmas sweater, because there are some really nice gems in between.

And making your own is also very trendy, so we would like to give you an idea of ​​how to make such a sweater yourself. At Garnstudio you will find many cool knitting patterns and Christmas sweaters are also featured here. A wonderful jumper with Rodolphe, the red-nosed reindeer, for example. And while you’re at it, we’re sweater with a Christmas tree with real Christmas balls (!) of course very fake… uh… beautiful.

I myself put images on pinterest, I don’t know if you can use them…

Prefer to buy an ugly Christmas sweater for your kids?

I totally understand you. Because knitting is fun, but you have to know how to do it and have time for it. The purchase is indeed much faster. So we went looking for beautiful, but fake, Christmas sweaters for kids.

The Christmas stocking on your sweater

A beautiful red sweater with a Christmas stocking on the front. With all the stars and snow crystals, it becomes a cheerful sweater that your child will surely love.

The Amantes sweater does not itch because it is made of cotton. How nice! And do you prefer blue, white or grey? Amantes also has beautiful ugly Christmas sweaters for your children in these colors, with a different image on each sweater.

A reindeer, a snowman or just Santa Claus himself. So there is no other way that there is a sweater that will please you!

You can find these sweaters on

Spongebob Squarepants Ugly Christmas Sweater for Kids

No Rudolph or Santa Claus for a while? So it’s a very good alternative. SpongeBob crosses you with a Santa hat. I bet your son would like to walk around with this? ! And the black background also makes it nice and cool. What more could you ask your child for an ugly Christmas sweater?

We found these (and the cool Christmas sweaters below) at H&M, so shop there if you’re looking for something! You can even string ugly Christmas sweaters for your child with certain patterns if you wish.

Complete baby sweater

How much do you want on your sweater? Presents, the Christmas tree, Santa Claus and then also stars, snowflakes and those delicious candy canes?

We do! A cheerful jumper to celebrate Christmas! Available for your baby girl from size 68. But also for big girls, because the sizes go up to size 104.

Sweater like an ugly Christmas sweater for kids

The sweaters are great and because of the many Christmas trees it can meet the label Christmas sweater even better. Lined with fleece, so nice and soft and warm. Can be washed easily and pleasantly (up to 60 degrees!), so if the Christmas dinner spills over onto the clothes, it’s not immediately a disaster…

You can buy this sweater and the pretty models below at HEMA

Rudolph with lights or a polar bear

Come on, another Rodolphe then, but then 1 with lights. Definitely a Christmas sweater for kids with a bad inclination.

Available in several colors and intended for children from 4 to 12 years old. How badly do you want it?

Rudolph is not depicted the same on every sweater, so you can also take a look at it in addition to color. Rather not Rodolphe? There is a navy blue variant with a polar bear. At least… that’s what he looks like, but he has antlers 😉 .

You can find these Christmas sweaters online here

Baby Crawling Jumpsuit

Do you have another little baby in your family and want them to join the Christmas madness too? Do you want to take a nice Christmas photo of you with your family and are you all in an ugly Christmas sweater for your children?

Well, then the little one can’t stay behind, can he? This romper above is all the rage. With its red and white stripes, it’s a wonderfully cheerful wrapper and the images of Santa Claus and a reindeer make it very Christmas. The cute Christmas hat (in the same stripes) is the perfect finishing touch.

Let’s take this picture! Also nice to give someone as a maternity gift! Find more baby romper inspiration for Christmas here.

You can find this cool Christmas costume here online

Christmas dress, but fake!

Do you have a real girly girl who really wants to walk around in a dress? No problem, even then, she can just join the Ugly Christmas Sweater Madness for kids.

With the Minnie Christmas dress.

In red and green and a little white. Christmas through and through and yet with very high princess content. These little ladies must be happy with that!

You can find this Christmas dress for your minimal here online

Norwegian Rudolph for boy and girl

Nice sweaters with a Norwegian pattern and big Rudolph on it. This ugly Christmas sweater is for all children as it is suitable for both boys and girls. And also for adult children (or yourself of course). The sweater is available in sizes ‘4 years’ to XXXL. So saying you don’t fit this probably doesn’t really apply…

you can find it here

JAP Ugly Christmas Sweater with Rudolph

We can’t get around Rudolph’s red nose when looking at ugly Christmas sweaters. For your young teen, your little uk or even yourself, this sweater is the end.

With a soft lining, it will definitely be comfortable. Nice natural yellowing with such a pungent sweater. Do you want to be sustainable? This sweater is made from recycled acrylic fibers and recycled cotton. It also feels good… You can buy Rudolph on a red sweater, but also on green, gray, light blue and black.

You can find these sweaters (and many more) online here

Christmas can begin!

Now that mom, dad and the kids are all outfitted in a cool Ugly Christmas sweater, the Christmas fun can begin. Decorate the Christmas tree together, set up the Christmas village and play Christmas music.

Prepare delicious Christmas snacks together and voila!

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