In the latest episode of The BLVD Podcast tells Rob about the specials he saw at the TV fair. “For example, a political dating show, where you’re mixed with people whose political color you don’t know. So you may end up in bed with someone who thinks about abortion very differently than you do. Then, I think, who is going there now to join?”

Just when you think it couldn’t get crazier, Rob offers the following: “There was also one that I wonder if you think people will participate in. It’s a South Korean format and it is called weight for you. If you hear it, it can of course mean ‘wait’, but you really write it as ‘weight’. In the show, overweight men go in search of the woman of their dreams. But then this dream woman finds herself on the other side of a tunnel through which they must climb and crawl. But they don’t go there. So first they have to lose a lot of weight within a certain period of time and if they succeed then they can reach their dream woman. And if they don’t succeed, the woman of their dreams will pass them by.”

Luuk has his doubts about this – to say the least, rather unethical – concept. “What kind of evil television, isn’t it?” Rob agrees: “Yes, you also saw in the room that people were laughing a little, but you also saw producers looking at each other like: we won’t buy that.”

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