FIFA announced on Monday that there is a penalty for wearing the OneLove band. In this case, the player wearing it will receive a yellow card. Around the world, there are a lot of comments about the football association’s decision. In the Netherlands, the transfer of the KNVB is criticized.

Noa decides to wear the band today and she receives positive reactions. ‘Noa Vahle also shows more balls than Van Dijk while carrying the belt. And Orange tough guys are boycotting it,” someone wrote. Another: ‘Fan of Noa Vahle. Is a winner!’

Noa is also not concerned about stories that Qatar is a very misogynistic country. “I understand that there are discussions because of the fact that they made statements about being a woman,” Noa previously said. “I think: if they hate women so much, I’ll go. And then I’ll do my job there and then I’ll do it in the best way possible.”