The sleepover at Chanel, which Nola attends anyway, spirals out of control. A police team breaks into the house, while Nola and several other girls are lying in the living room. Chanel’s father is handcuffed and taken away with a bag over his head.

His daughter runs crying after her father surrounded by police, while Nola tries to stop her. Just then, Chanel pushes her away and Nola falls headfirst into the corner of a closet. Afterwards, Nola remains bloodied and still on the ground.

The monthly trailer explained before that Nola is in the hospital with some kind of eye patch. Will she lose her eye? And is it all the fault of grandfather Ludo Sanders, who secretly has the father investigate Chanel and sends the police on him?

Last September, after summer break, 18-year-old Noa Jacobus made her debut as Nola, the now-teenage daughter of Nina (Marly van der Velden). At the time, an important story for the actress was already mentioned. It gradually takes on more intense forms. It becomes clear that she is being stalked by Chanel, who has a father with a criminal past: Barry de Beaver. From now on, Nola becomes an indirect victim of his criminal practices.

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