The trial concerned an action on October 12, 2020 in The Hague, when the two men involved were doused with black liquid. Some windows and revolving doors in the ministry were also soiled.

The action was linked to the climate day organized by the ministry. Shell’s CEO was invited to the event, which Extinction Rebellion protested against.

No violence

According to the judge, there is no question of violence, even if the building was dirty. The judge speaks of a playful action. Previously, the court ruled that the public violence was proven and the activists were given a suspended fine. They are now acquitted of that on appeal.

According to the court judges, the activists did not intend to damage the building, but only to “visibly and graphically” draw attention to their point of view.

The black liquid the activists were sprayed with was biodegradable and easy to rinse off. A tarp was even put up by the activists to recover the liquid. According to the court, there was therefore no question of a disturbance of public order.