Since Twitter was taken over by Musk in late October, thousands of employees have been fired or furloughed out of discontent. Experts fear that this drastic downsizing will soon be visible in the technical state of Twitter. The precise consequences cannot be predicted, but since this weekend a preview can be seen: the automatic copyright check no longer works.

Full Movies on Twitter

Users posted full movies on Twitter all weekend, reports Forbes. Normally only small chunks of this copyrighted material are allowed – entire movies are automatically removed. That didn’t happen now, so movies like The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift could be watched for free on Twitter for nearly 24 hours, cut into 49 pieces. Or one Full episode of Spongebob.

Ultimately, all sorts of accounts that shared movies were suspended by Twitter. Experts suspect that the system is no longer working due to the departure of all staff. However, Twitter is liable for copyright infringement. Many companies therefore use automatic systems to recognize these films before they are placed.

Trump does not want to go back

Musk also decided to involve the public in whether former President Donald Trump should get his account back. This account was permanently suspended under the previous administration of Twitter after Trump did not try to stop the riots in the US Congress early last year, but encouraged them. A majority of users vote ‘yes’, and Trump’s account too available.

However, the former president has yet to tweet, and has no intention of. Trump says against Bloomberg that Twitter has “a ton of problems”, making it prefer to stick to its own Truth Social Twitter alternative. Trump said this earlier, according to insiders, mainly because Trump fears Truth Social will collapse if he returns to Twitter, and with it the investments Trump himself has made in the platform. Musk considers the situation himself through a meme.