You don’t buy a car overnight. At least most people will have to think about it because it’s quite expensive. Buying a used car is obviously a cheaper option. With regard to your child, the question may also arise as to who will buy the used car.

Who will pay… Are you buying this car or can he do it himself? I’m curious to know your opinions, because my son’s friends are quite “spoiled” by their parents here.

buy a used car for kids

Are you opting for a new or used car?

Most novice drivers, especially when they are still young, will start out with a used car. And that’s mainly because a used car is simply cheaper. If a car is paid for by mom and dad, a used car will also be more likely to be chosen. Or, of course, you must have won the lottery.

How to get a used car?

The choice fell on a used car for your child. It’s a wonderful option for the young driver. Maybe your son or daughter has a particular favorite that they would like to have.

Of course, but where to find a second-hand copy of this make and/or model so quickly? Fortunately, we now have the Internet for this, because this way you can quickly search for the favorite and where it can be purchased.

And don’t think that all used cars are small and beat up! ‘Cause how about a beautiful used macan? These are also for sale! Maybe a bit high for your starting pilot, but secretly the dream of you???

A used car can also be the right option for you, because your dream can suddenly come true: driving a beautiful Porsche! Maybe you should share a used car with your child 😉 .

Don’t buy your used car for your child just anywhere

Simply buying from an unknown individual, for example via Marktplaats, is not exactly the most practical choice. After all, you never know if the man or the woman is telling the truth. Or what is the actual condition of the car.

By the way, Joyce experienced this when she bought a beautiful old Beetle convertible. It turned out to be a little less good deep down than they thought.

Moreover, it doesn’t even have to be bad intentions, it can also just be ignorance. It is best to buy a used car for your child from a garage. They also show online which used cars are for sale.

Then you know for sure that the car has been checked and you can always roll back if something is wrong. Of course, you should choose a well-known garage.

Is the garage reliable?

Then we immediately come to the question of how you know if the garage is reliable. If it is a business in or near your place of residence, you can simply ask around.

If it’s a business from another region, see if you can find reviews online. You can also get a photo of this car company there. You can also expect garages that have been in place for a long time to perform well. Otherwise, you would hear negative news and it wouldn’t last.

And then the key question: who pays for the car?

In fact, this is a question that no one can answer for you. Of course, that’s a lot of money that needs to be spent if your kid wants a used car. Especially if he’s still in school.

But on the other hand, he doesn’t need a car at all, because then he can travel for free on public transport.

No one can control your finances, so no one can comment on your decision. You might be wondering if your child will benefit from having everything thrown in their lap like this. He doesn’t really understand the value of money that way, because he doesn’t know any better that anything is possible.

Different situations of your child can lead to different results for a used car

It can of course also depend on why your child is going to buy a car. It can give you a reason to pay or even pay for everything. Consider, for example:

  • The school is not accessible by public transport and is too far for cycling
  • Your child has something that makes traveling by public transport unsuitable (but driving a car is still possible). If you are hypersensitive to stimuli and the process is long and overloaded, it can of course be a disaster.
  • Your child has to travel in the dark and then, for example, go to places where you think they are unsafe
  • Your child can help you if he has a used car. Because you cannot or are not allowed to drive yourself, for example.
  • You share a car!

Sharing a car with your child, used or not

Why share a car? It is possible that you have your own car, in which 1 of the two parents will work.

But sometimes it can be very frustrating not being able to do certain things. A second car is again too much to buy or just too expensive.

Sharing the cost of a car with your child and all that goes with it can be a solution for you and your child.

So you have the benefits (make good deals on that!) but not all the burdens. Joyce is currently considering doing it with her son. Although he still needs to get his driver’s license.

Buying a used car: how do you know if it’s good?

You run a risk with a used car. After all, this is a car that has been used before, so some parts may already be worn out, to name a few.

If you’re buying from a well-known garage, you can assume that’s okay. Of course, there can also be defects later that the garage had not calculated, but a small garage will help you with this.

You also usually get a short warranty period for this. Wherever you go to buy the car, don’t let your child go alone, go with it!

An adult is often treated more seriously than an 18 year old. You don’t know cars yourself? Especially if you are going to buy from an unknown individual or garage, it is wise to bring someone who knows about cars with you.

He (she) can then at least partially check the car! Are you able to fix a car yourself if something goes wrong? Then try if it makes a difference if you buy the car without warranty.

This is especially smart with garages that aren’t well known. This guarantee means nothing anyway and you can make it yourself. Being able to buy cheaper is therefore pure profit!