On a De Nieuws BV program, Kee spoke about the situation when he was still working at Pauw & Witteman. The editors of the two programs sat next to each other in the Amsterdam studio. “The DWDD people gave up or broke and then came to us,” says Kee.

According to Kee, the final editors at Pauw & Witteman then asked questions during the final editorial consultation because many people dropped out of DWDD. “That said a lot about the working atmosphere.”

“Passionate Battles”

There was a “competitive atmosphere” between the two publishers, says Kee. According to him, “heated battles” took place over the guests. “The proportions were pretty neat.”

It is not known exactly when the meeting took place. But it must have been before May 2014, since Pauw & Witteman then stopped.

Last week, the Volkskrant published an investigation into transgressive behavior at the DWDD. Former employees of the show spoke, among other things, of the tantrums of the presenter Matthijs van Nieuwkerk.