The animal was clearly visible last Wednesday on scanning equipment from the TSA, the agency responsible for aviation security in the United States, among others. Employees who discovered the chat were “shocked”a TSA spokesperson told CNN.

Safe and sound

The briefcase also contained bottles, glasses and a pair of slippers. The red-haired cat escaped unscathed. The briefcase owner seemed at least as surprised as the airport staff, the TSA spokesperson said. “He said the cat was not his, but someone else in his house.”

A tiny piece of the cat’s fur was visible through the case’s unzipped zipper. The hypothesis is that the animal slipped into the trunk unnoticed before it was closed.

like to hide

This story is confirmed by the owner of the cat, 37 years old, whose name is Smells. She told the New York Post newspaper that cat and owner foundthat Smells, like her other cats, “likes to hide in bags and boxes”.

The smells were collected from the airport by taxi and, according to the owner, there was nothing left from the unexpected trip. “He got some extra candy and carried on as if nothing had happened.”