Wolves in De Hoge Veluwe National Park have attracted media attention on several occasions in recent weeks. Earlier this month, the province of Gelderland and the park management came up with a plan to shoot the predators with paintball guns.

tamed wolf

The province anticipates problems with a wolf that lives in the nature reserve and has approached people on several occasions. The animal did not seem to be afraid of humans and that is precisely what is dangerous, say conservationists. By nature, a wolf should avoid humans. If a wolf visits people, the risk of incidents is greater.

The province has sent law enforcement in the past with paintball guns, but that ended last week due to the wildlife protection indictment. The animal rights organization thinks that paintballing is the wrong method.


Disturbing the heavily protected wolf would be prohibited by law, says Wildlife Protection. The animal could be injured or even shot, which is strictly prohibited. Closing the part of the park where the wolves live would be a better method.

Last week, the judge banned Gelderland from shooting the wolf, pending the handling of De Faunabescherming’s objection. It is not known whether the Utrecht judge will rule this afternoon.