When Christmas is approaching again and a business is operating with a lot of staff, it can be difficult to find a Christmas present or end of year gift 2022 find the one that suits everyone. With our advice, you can ensure that all the Christmas gifts you give or receive will be a success.

1. Make sure your giveaway is proportionate

Is the value of the gift reasonable or could it be considered lavish? Even if the value falls below that stated in your company policy, it may be disproportionate if you have few professional contacts.

2. Be completely transparent when giving Christmas gifts

It is important to inform your manager of the gift and declare it in your company’s gifts and hospitality register. If not, people will probably wonder why not? You should always fully disclose Christmas gift details to avoid suspicion of bribery.

3. Confirm you have a legitimate business purpose

You should only give gifts if there is a legitimate business purpose. Examples of gifts that are considered legitimate are those related to establishing goodwill or improving relationships with customers or suppliers. Fortunately, this is made easy for you by Sterkado, where you put together your own Christmas package.

4. Set annual limits on giveaways

It’s a good idea to set an annual maximum on the number of gifts that can be given to a customer or received by a specific employee in a year. If this limit is reached, you may not need to give festive gifts this year.

5. Consider the risk to your reputation

christmas gift decoration

The damage to a company’s reputation is just as serious as the financial damage, if not worse. Christmas gift decisions can damage your reputation. If you think such a gift might end up being presented in a bad light, it’s probably not worth the risk.

6. Check company limits on the value of gifts

Do not exceed any threshold or limit stated in your company policy. Jewelry, theater tickets or expensive wines are sure to be extravagant, so stick to something of nominal or novel value. Don’t try to circumvent the rules by offering or accepting vouchers instead!

7. Get advice if you have any doubts about gifts

If in doubt, please contact your HR team or manager. For example, you may need to accept gifts so as not to offend customers or suppliers. These gifts can be donated to charity instead. You should also obtain prior approval before giving gifts to senior executives.

8. Use common sense with Christmas gifts

Many gifts are perfectly reasonable and legitimate, especially during the holidays. But be careful, because the authorities don’t spare corruption suspects just because it’s Christmas. If you still have doubts after taking advice, it is better not to start on Christmas gifts.

9. Learn to gracefully refuse gifts

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Use role-play to practice gracefully rejecting gifts and hospitality. Don’t agree because you don’t know what to say not to offend. It is perfectly acceptable to refuse a gift and protect yourself from accusations of corruption.

10. Think about timing and context

Are relevant events occurring around the same time? For example, are there vacancies, a tendering process or contract negotiations? If so, the gift could be seen as an attempt to improperly influence decisions. Be aware of this before giving a gift.