Whether you are an entrepreneur or not, you can always be faced with a legal problem. It could be a neighborhood dispute that needs to be resolved, a payment that hasn’t been made, or even a crime that has been committed. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is good to have legal assistance.

What is legal aid?

Legal aid is professional help in a situation that is legal. The person providing you with legal assistance legal advice on the situation based on theoretical knowledge about the laws in the Netherlands. The legal system can be very complicated and a professional knows how to best help you. In some cases, an employee of a legal organization can help and advise you. If the case is more serious, a lawyer is sometimes required. He then dives completely into your business and discovers what is possible.

Legal aid can be very expensive. Especially if the case goes to court and is dealt with. If it is a minor dispute, it is worth considering whether you really need legal assistance. In many cases, there is also another solution to the problem.

When do you call for legal assistance?


In any situation that has become a legal issue, it is wise to seek legal assistance. Many people think they will never have to deal with this, but often the opposite is true. A legal insurance can then help to cover the costs of legal assistance.

For example, you might need legal assistance if you bought something online that turns out to be wrong. If the store is unwilling to refund you, you may still be able to receive it through legal channels. Even if you have a conflict with your partner and you are getting divorced, you may need legal help. In addition, legal assistance may be desirable when you have a collection agent have in front of his door. In all situations, a legal assistant advises you so that you know what you can do best.

Take out legal protection insurance

If you think you are dealing with legal problems and need legal assistance for this, it may be advisable to take out legal protection insurance. There are many different insurance policies. So always compare the different options and see what they offer. The best insurance depends on what you need as an individual or as a business.