4 festive Christmas table styles to try

Do you go for classic, gold or ultimate?

Now that we can all celebrate Christmas together again, we need to make it a big party. More than ever, we want to celebrate the magic and joy of Christmas and that includes twinkling lights, hanging trees and gifts underneath. But of course also that perfect Christmas table. Which do you choose?

Here are four key trends to capitalize on this year, along with some simple, affordable tips for creating any look.

Opt for classic Christmas tableware

After a time when we’ve all had to deal with so much change, it’s no surprise to see a return to traditional decorations this year. After all, a little nostalgia is always good for the soul.

This trend is characterized by classic Christmas hues – red, green and gold – but also by timeless decorations and tablecloths that have been passed down from generation to generation.

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Go for nothing but gold

Christmas table go for the gold

If gold is your “color”, then this is definitely your look. Decorate the table with golden candlesticks, small lanterns as candle holders and golden placemats. The golden table runner on a black tablecloth completes the set.

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Go for a sumptuous dinner

Sumptuous Christmas dinner table

For those who love awe-inspiring drama, the dark red and gold tones of the Christmas table will appeal. With nostalgic images, gold cutlery and real napkin rings, they feel at their best Christmas.

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Opt for the ultimate Christmas atmosphere

Ultimate Christmas vibe Christmas table

After all, it’s about the look that’s right for you and your family. The ultimate Christmas mood is different for everyone. The colors that last forever and belong to Christmas are luxurious gold, shiny silver, royal red and pine green. You choose the combination that suits you best.

↑ I have them on a mirror and they shimmer beautifully.

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