Elon Musk breaks world record by losing huge amount of money

This is reported by the organization, which keeps track of all sorts of different world records a blog on the website. Between November 2021 and last December, Tesla founder, SpaceX boss and Twitter owner Elon Musk lost the amount.

money in stocks

Estimates of Musk’s exact worth vary. Forbes magazine currently estimates his fortune at 178 billion dollars (165 billion euros). By far the bulk of this money is invested in stocks, which are currently in low value.

If the value of the shares increases again, the billionaire’s wealth will also increase again, reports the Guinness Book of World Records. With his rapidly declining wealth, Musk is breaking the world record set in 2000 by tech investor Masayoshi Son. This Japanese lost 58.6 billion dollars in a short time.

wrong priorities

Musk bought Twitter last fall for $44 billion. Investors fear he hasn’t paid enough attention to Tesla since that purchase. The automaker’s shares lost about 65% of their value last year and “only” about 1.3 million cars were delivered, far less than expected.

As of last month, Musk is no longer the richest man in the world. He was overtaken by Bernard Arnault, the CEO of the French company which also includes Louis Vuitton.

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