Three ultimate tips for your trip to the United States

You may have been dreaming about it for a while: traveling to the United States. Whether it’s New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas or nature in the Grand Canyon, the country captures our imaginations through music, culture and Hollywood movies. It was impossible to visit the United States for a while, but the country has been completely open to European travelers for a year now. Still, there are a few things you need to know before booking your trip to the land of the Stars and Stripes. We have listed a number of things to consider.

Travel without a visa

Now that the United States is fully green again thanks to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, nothing stands in the way of your journey, you think. You have been able to travel to the United States as a Dutch citizen without applying for a visa for years. Please note that you must be vaccinated against certain diseases if you wish to travel to the country. In addition, the Dutch ministry points out that you sometimes have dangerous neighborhoods in the country. Something we don’t really know about in Europe, because we’re not allowed to carry guns on the street here. But don’t worry too much, violence against tourists is almost non-existent and if you visit safe neighborhoods, nothing will ruin your vacation.

Save yourself huge costs and save on roaming with eSim

Of course, the United States has not signed an agreement with the Netherlands and the European Union to limit data roaming on your phone. Are you going on a trip to the United States and using the Internet to find the way to the museum in New York, or posting your selfies on the Statue of Liberty directly on Instagram? This will cost you a lot of data, so your phone bill may increase significantly after your trip. Boring, because you’re probably already spending a lot of money. A Prepaid eSim is the solution. For less than 20 euros you can already buy an eSim card for your trip to the USA. This way, you can enjoy unlimited internet access for a fixed amount throughout your trip. You can simply download and use an eSim via a QR code. No physical SIM card is required.

Watch the dollar exchange rate


The dollar is the last months become considerably more expensive against our euro. It also means that traveling to the United States is now much more expensive for someone with a euro account than it was a year ago. This is on top of the fact that the US is a bit more expensive country than you might be used to on your vacation anyway. Americans also like to be tipped in restaurants. Not tipping can even feel like a weird thing to do. Also consider the tip amount, as 10%, as you often tip in the Netherlands, is generally not considered a decent tip. Go for 20% instead if the service was excellent. You can usually pay with a credit card, but payment with Maestro is not guaranteed everywhere. So keep some dollar cash with you just to be on the safe side.

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